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Hey Nakama!

I know @hikaymm has been doing some awesome anime previews, so I thought I'd give it a go myself!
What you see right there is the ad spot for a new anime that's just started called And you thought there is never a girl online? (Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta?).
Basically, the premise is that the male protagonist has been catfished in the past, jilted by a man pretending to be a woman online. As a result of that, he is kind of bitter and jaded, until he meets a girl in an online game, and they become friends and maybe a little more...
The anime comes from Studio 9 and it's listed as a Romance/Comedy/Ecchi and it's being released through Funimation.
This one right here is another new anime that looks really interesting, this one called Bakuon!!. The plot of this anime revolves around a schoolgirl who becomes interested in motorcycles and racing, and so joins her school's motorcycle club.
The studio responsible for this one is TMS Entertainment and it's labeled as a Slice of Life/Comedy/Racing anime.
Personally, I feel like girls don't always get the spotlight in sports-themed anime, especially motorsports themed. So seeing this characterization is a small breath of fresh air.

Both these anime look promising. What do you y'all think?

this anime is soo boobiful ;-; love the art style!
*puts both of them on my list*
i saw the first ep of the netoge one andi it was good i hope it doesn't just become a harem tho...O.o i also saw thr first ep of re:zero and it was REALLY good!!!!! i can't wait for more episodes to come out!!!
@tylor619cruz I think there's only one out so far
I want to start the first one how many episodes are out?