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I'm not a fan of horror games at all. I'm pretty sure a lot of you know this already. And if you know that then you know I'm a huge fan of stealth games. So when French Indie Game 2Dark showed up on my feed, I nearly freaked out.
The game is a stealth/horror hybrid that has you sneaking into different environments and saving children from serial killers. Yep. After reading some impressions of the game from someone who played it over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it looks like a game that doesn't rely on demons or some kind of satanic entity as the source of the horror.
Instead, it's serial killers. And that lights up a totally different part of my horror brain because serial killers are things that exist in our real world. It makes the fear less of a "I hope something doesn't jump out at me" and more of a "oh man I hope this isn't something that's happening right now".
I don't know too much about the game's narrative other than what I read on RPS but it looks like something that'll stick with me long after I put the controller down or turn the game off. If you watch the trailer I posted above, you'll see that the graphics aren't anything to write home about but the primitive almost old-school nature of the art style makes the game seem a little more creepy than it ought to be.
Even though some people are criticizing the game's visuals, I think it forces our brain to use terrible, terrible imagination to make things look more detailed. And nothing that a game developer codes or programs can be scarier than whatever our minds conjure up. That being said, I honestly feel the art style and the visuals add to the horror of the game.
Is this something you guys would play? Let me know in the comments below!
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@YumiMiyazaki I don't blame you. this is a pretty heavy subject for a game.
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Nope! Save the kids?! How creepy is that? I don't have a problem with horror games, like Resident Evil and such, but involving kids like this is just too much for me!
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@TurtleyTurtles yeah it adds an element that isn't usually covered in games and it's super creepy
2 years ago·Reply
@paulisadroid Way too creepy. I really don't like games that include kids like this... My boyfriend played the beginning of The Last of Us, and just turned it off. It's an awful way to start a game. He ended up trading it in and never played it.
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I would play this
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