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Yas day 12 has arrived!! I'm enjoying this challenge so far. :D -Post Dedicated to Casper

Casper (Wild Chic Gene)

\○_○/ *drooling* already..smh This bias wrecker though..
The oh so definitely Chic Gene in hats..


Quick abs appreciation -Sure, let me dust down your abs


The Wild Chic's classic smirk/rare smile appreciation -Oppa, you should do it more often


Serious face Wild Chic never fails


Omo, his hearts/aegyo are too wild indeed lol. -Just him being silly (last pic)


Let's not forget this Wild Chic Gene's short hair moments -What are you doing to me...


Just because you sneaky little thing make my heart go 두근두근.


Tagging my lovely CandY chingus. @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @jerrilynnpope
Beautiful Casper!
Lol he is a wrecker for my mom, I think.