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Que tal peeps!

Final Chapters.... Thanks for your support!


Chapter 26: Popp Off

No one had heard from that stupid girl. Everyone was busy going on with life. Maddie and Hobi was expecting a child anytime soon. She was ready to pop. Namjoon and Jessamine were the first to get married. Koko just had her baby girl Bronx. Kat just announced she was pregnant. Yoongi and Nabi were married right after Jessamine and Namjoon. Sely was working on opening her first Kpop fragrance line and Jungkook was helping her. Life was looking good. Even Jimin seemed to have moved on with his life. He was modeling with G-Dragon. Namjoon, Yoongi, Jessamine, and Nabi were going over to Jimin’s house. They haven't heard from him for about 3 months and they were worried. Jessamine was praying he didn't kill himself. He was still taking her marriage with Namjoon really hard. They all took the elevator to the top floor. Jessamine knocked on the door to hear some strange sounds. Namjoon pulled her away from the door. Him and Yoongi walked in first. "Jimin are you here home bro?" Yoongi said. There wasn't an answer. The noises were getting louder. "Yeah you are such a whore. Now you pretend you are Jessamine and assume the position!" Jimin yelled. Then there were muffled groaning and moaning sounds. "What the hell is that about?" Namjoon said while looking at Yoongi. Yoongi shrugged. They all approached a black door. Namjoon kicked the door down. Jimin was fucking some female. He had her on all fours and a belt around her neck. Jessamine was shocked. Nabi covered her eyes. "Bro what the fuck is this? We have been calling you." Yoogni says. Jimin pushed the female on the floor. "Ah I'm. just getting a work out." "Is this your girlfriend?" Namjoon asked. "Would I fuck someone I cared about like an animal? Naw she's some whore." Jimin said. Jimin glared at Jessamine and licked his lips. Then he looked back at Namjoon. Namjoon balled up his fists, but Yoongi calmed him down by placing his hand on Namjoon's shoulder. "I hate you Jimin. You treat me like an animal. Now I have all I need! Yall think you all can forget me? I have all the sex tapes from the tours of you all fucking me. All I have to do is press this button to upload it. You and your perfect lives...marriages will be history!" Azumi yelled. “Wait you still fucking with this crazy ass bitch?" Yoongi said. "Well, I can't fuck Jessamine now...or should I say I shouldn't.." Jimin said in a cocky tone. Namjoon punched Jimin in his face. The two began fighting. "That's my wife Jimin you asshole!" Namjoon yelled. Nabi and Jessamine were outside the door watching. Suddenly Azumi shot a gun up in the air. "This ain't about that bitch! Her and all yall bitches thought they would silence me! Now I get the last laugh!" She pointed the gun at Nmajoon, Jimin, and Yoongi. "I almost killed myself after looking at these videos. The nasty as shit yall made me do! The drugs the sex..." "You liked that shit!" Jimin yelled. “Maybe I did but said you would never do those bitches like that cuz yall loved them! Now you all will pay. Do what I say or I will kill you all!" Azumi yelled. "Kiss each other!" The guys look at each other and laughed. Azumi shot the gun again. "I said kiss! Namjoon kiss Jimin and Yoongi you unzip Namjoon's jeans!" Nabi almost gasped but Jessamine grabbed her mouth. Azumi forgot the girls were just outside the door. Namjoon kissed Jimin on his forehead. Yoongi knelt in front of Namjoon. He couldn't believe what was happening. All he wanted to do was go out for lunch. "No kiss for real. Stop fucking playing! Yoongi you gonna suck Namjoon just like you made me suck you. Yeah....he's gonna choke the fuck out of you." Azumi says while waving her gun. The guys were not moving quick enough. Azumi began shooting up the room. Suddenly, Nabi threw her heel at Azumi. Jessamine shook her head. Nabi is so impulsive. Azumi began shooting at Nabi. "You fucking bitch!" Azumi yelled. Suddenly, Jessamine shot Azumi and the girl fell down. "Jessamine where the fuck did you get that gun from?" Jimin yelled. Nabi kicked Azumi's body. "The bitch is dead. Bullet to the head." "Ah I just wanted fucking lunch!" Yoongi yelled. “What should we do?" Jimin said. "Get rid of the body?" Namjoon said. Nabi deleted all the videos from the laptop. Jessamine grabbed a butcher knife from Jimin's kitchen. "Drag her body to the car and let's drive to the woods." "What's the knife for Jazz?" Jimin asked. "In case the bitch wakes up." Jessamine said. "Ah sexy." Jimin said

Chapter 27: Bloody Wolves...

Everyone was silent on the ride to the wilderness. They had just been involved in a murder and they never seen this dark side of Jessamine. Jimin was a bit turned on at the same time. Namjoon was driving. "Bro you really was gonna suck my dick?" Namjoon asked. Yoongi rolled his eyes. "I don't even fucking know. I just didn't want to get killed." "So yeah he wouldn't sucked your dick Namjoon." Jimin laughed. "This is your fucking fault Jimin. My baby got blood on her hands, because of ya dumb ass" Namjoon said. Nabi looked at Jessamine but she could not read Jessamine. Nabi was happy Jessamine saved her, but afraid of what was to come. They drive for about 2 hours until they were in the middle of nowhere. "Stop here." Jessamine said. "Baby there is nothing here." Namjoon said. "Fucking stop the car Kim Namjoon!" Jessamine yelled. Namjoon stopped the car. They were in the middle of nowhere in front of a shed. Jessamine got out the car with her huge black chanel bag. Two men came out of nowhere and greeted Jessamine. She was speaking in broken Spanish. Then one guy gestured for her to follow him. "Bring the body." Jessamine said. Namjoon was gonna ask what was going on but Nabi grabbed his arm and shook her head. "Just do as she says." They laid the body on this table. Jessamine opened up her big black chanel purse. She laid stacks of money on a table. "Voy a pagar la mitad de la cantidad." Jessamine said. (I will pay half the amount). The guys nodded and took the cash. Then some more men came out. They all had sharp tools. Jessamine gestured for her friends to move back. Then the men began chopping up the body. Nabi squealed as Yoongi held her. Jimin covered his eyes and the sounds echoed. Finally the guys began cooking the parts over a fire. Then some wild dogs came out and ate the roasted evidence. Namjoon threw up along with Yoongi. One only the men handed Namjoon a napkin and giggled. Everyone went outside. The guys bleached the area while Jessamine paid the guy the other half. "Gracias por hacer negocios." The tall dark haired man said in a raspy voice while flashing a wolf tattoo. "De nada." Jessamine said while flashing an identical tattoo. Everyone got into the car. When Nabi looked back she seen the shed in flames. No on said anything for about 30 minutes. "What the fuck was that Jessamine?" Namjoon said. Jessamine was quite. She began playing on her phone. Namjoon stopped the car. "Baby...what is going on? What the fuck was all that mofia shit? Kim Jessamine answer me!" Namjoon was getting pissed. "You should be fucking thanking me. I saved our asses Namjoon! All yall have been doing is fucking up. I saved the day!" Jessamine yelled. "Look we know you saved us, but I'm scared Jessamine." Nabi said with tears in her eyes. Jessamine felt bad. "That's my cousin Javier. The one who I gave the money to. He is...our family is part of the Mexican gang lobos sangrientos or bloody wovles. My family owns many of the butcher places. Anyway, I been contacted him since we had the problem with that bitch. I wanted her gone then, but I said I can't just put hits on people. But she went to fucking far! She was about to take my life away with all that basic bitch shit. When she had that gun pointed at yall and then began shooting at Nabi I snapped. If you fuck with what is mine you fuck with me." Jessamine looked out the window. "Damn. What were yall talking about? Was that Spanish? Didn't he come to our wedding?" Namjoon asked. "Yes, he came to our wedding baby. He's family." Jessamine giggled. "That was be speaking in broken Spanish. Yall know my Spanish is horrible, but Javier only allows Spanish to be spoken during transactions." "Duh she was speaking Spanish...she a Afro-Latina idiot!" Jimin blurted. "Damn I forget sometimes..." Namjoon snapped. "That's some reall movie gangsta shit! I feel like turning up!" Yoongi shooted. "Well, let's head to the hospital and turn up there Maddie is in labor." Nabi said. "Hobi just texted me."

Finale Coming Soon.....

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That was fucking intense
Thanks girl you really did save my stupid ass. For some reason the whole mafia bit didn't really cone as a surprise more of a welcome after you shot her ass.
Ummk that's some crazy mafia shit! lol Butchering a body, cooking it and feeding it to wild animals...Damn! No evidence that's for sure! haha!
loved it ! can't wait