I recently visited home because I had to touch base with one of my best friends who happens to be getting married in October. I'm not sure why, but I was chosen as a bridesmaid.
I'm definitely more Kate Moss than Kate Spade, so dressing up and getting all prim and proper aren't usually my points of entry into the fashion world. I'm more of a...pair together something trashy and classy and try to make the most of it kind of person.
Let's all get on the same page here people. I have never been to a wedding. let alone in a wedding and it has been really hard for me to find something to wear.
She chose something pretty rad, everyone gets to buy their own style of dress as long as it's in the purple color family.I love pastels and darks, so color doesn't really matter.
For me it's about the style.
Honestly, I don't think I look good in long dresses, but the bride has requested them. Duh, it's a formal event so of course you're going to wear a long dress.
Anyway we went to a few different bridal shops and most of the dresses were chiffon or tulle, a couple were really pretty on the more classy ladies in our party...but I couldn't help but feel like there wasn't really anything for me.
My blessed friend Stephanie knew that I was going to be the one who needed wrangling come shopping time...so I assured her that I'd pick out something tasteful...maybe rent the runway or something. If I could find an Elle Saab or an Alexander McQueen I would. Trust me.
The question is...do edgy bridesmaids dresses exist? Is there a punk rock flair that we can add to something to make the dress useable after the wedding, and still personally fun?
I'm not sure, but if any of you bridal whizzes have any suggestions please, help a sister out. There's plenty of time, but I'm hoping that I can find something sooner rather than later.
This is where I need help: @marshalledgar @worldofbridal do you guys have any sites / suggestions. I loved the stuff from Rent The Runway!
I can't imagine that edgy gowns don't exist @TessStevens. I wish we were in the same city because I'd love to solve this predicament with you in person. have you considered buying a silk gown and having it professionally dyed pastel blue/lavender?
'I'm definitely more Kate Moss than Kate Spade' I love that! I'm sure you'll be a gorgeous bridesmaid.
Well, basically, if you find a dress that's not synthetic, like a white, ivory or champagne color, then you could take it in to have it dyed the color of the wedding. It's probably a lot easier to find an edgy dress that's white than pastel. So, rather than looking for color, look for style and natural fabrics, which are easier (and cheaper) to have professionally dyed. @TessStevens It's something to consider
@marshalledgar that sounds amazing! Tell me more