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The Summer Trend That Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds

Every season there's a new trend on the brink of greatness.

The predictions for summer trends are already in full effect and if you happen to be a lover of trends, you might want to take some notes. Last summer it was long maxi dresses and sneakers, well this summer doesn't seem to be too far behind. If you loved last years trend, you'll love this years as well.
Whip out the floral print dresses and your favorite sneakers because you'll be seeing a lot of this style in the streets between the months of June through August, or at least that's what the fashion mavens are predicting. Keep scrolling to see a few looks you can try out for yourself once it heats up a bit.
Look #1: This look is soft and flirty. The denim jacket adds a splash of edge, while the pink hues mellow the rest of the look out.
Look #2: The lace on the dress adds a feminine touch while the hi-top sneakers and baseball cap give a bit of a masculine touch.
Look #3: This specific look brings all three elements together including a bit of edge from the denim jacket, a sporty feel from the sneakers and a splash of chic from the dress and hat.

What do you think about this emerging trend?

Which look would you go for?
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The color and flowers on the dress are so pretty!!!@jordanhamilton
a year ago·Reply
im not lol im a huge fan of the fall weather @EasternShell
a year ago·Reply
yes! they're extremely flattering @MyAffairWith
a year ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton yup ^_^ can't go wrong with those colors
a year ago·Reply
not at all :) @MyAffairWith
a year ago·Reply