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It's been exactly a week since Enter the Gungeon has been released and in that amount of time it hit 200,000 sales. Since I'm one of those 200,000 persons who bought the game, I wanted to let you guys know that this isn't a fluke. I know I wrote about it before it got released but I finally started playing it last weekend and...

I can not stop.

I'm serious. I thought I would only play the game when I was strapped for time or just for a couple of hours and then put it down forever. But that was not the case. Not even for a second. For example, I stayed up til 2 or 3 in the morning last night AND ALMOST MISSED A DAY OF WORK because I was playing this game.
I like to describe it as a bullet-hell-top-down-roguelike but that's hardly what it is. I mean, wait, it is definitely a roguelike. But it's hardly bullet hell. Numerous enemies show up on screen but once you get a hang of the handy dodge roll and the weapons your character has, the game becomes easier.
And after being easy and feeling really, really good to play (excellent game-feel, 10/10), the game becomes a test. It's one of the few indie games I've picked up that makes me feel like I need to get better at the game instead of leveling a character to be godlike in order to survive the next room.
The roguelike nature of the game is the biggest draw for me. The fact that I could play the same stage over and over again and not get bored because the of the random generation of each dungeon is wild to me. And usually, I lose interest with games like these after a couple of hours (that's what happened when I played Rogue Legacy).
But it's easily becoming one of my favorite games. The humor is silly and punny, which is something that makes me feel like a kid while I'm playing it. It definitely gives me that feeling of childlike wonder that I don't get with a lot of other games. And sure, there are moments where I feel like I'm not good at the game.
But the controls and the allure of the unknown is enough to make me hit the "quick restart" button instead of turning the game off and playing something else. It's a difficult, difficult game. But it's one that's so rewarding after you start getting into it. If you haven't tried Enter the Gungeon yet, you should as soon as you can. It's amazing.
Any of my Vingle buds get the game? Let me know in the comments!
@TurtleyTurtles well whenever you get one pick this game up. it's extremely fun even though it's real difficult
@paulisadroid I don't have a PS4 yet. We will be getting one as soon as Uncharted 4 comes out, though. And I've never liked the Xbox, so I never owned one.
@TurtleyTurtles it's actually on PS4 as well! I'm unsure if it's on Xbox One but I've been playing t on my PS4
I'm guessing this is on the computer? I still haven't gotten around to looking at games for the computer... I'm still so engrossed in Tales of Xillia, and getting as many hours as I can in, before I have to adult for the day. I dunno if I could get into this game. It looks like there's a lot going on and that you have to act quickly... and, well, turtles usually can't do that. Lol.