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Former Ohio State quarterback took some time away from his NFL Draft prep to rip the NCAA to shreds on social media.
"I'm so happy to be done with the @NCAA and their rules & regulation. They do any & everything to exploited collegiate athletes."
This got much uglier.
"It's deeper than athletes thinking we should get paid. The @NCAA control our lives with insane and unfair rules." said Jones. "Why shouldn't a collegiate athlete be able to use their OWN likeness/brand to benefit themselves but yet the @NCAA can sell there jerseys?"

Was Cardale Jones right? Is the NCAA taking advantage of the student athletes? Should the schools find a fairer means of compensation?

There def needs to be some sort of rule changes that's fosho
true of the former D1 athlete I completely agree with him and more It's hard out there and beyond unfair for meeting the practice to school we have no time to myself and little to show for it unless we wait or four to five years out and finally get a degree