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ok I was tagged by @AimeeH so here are the results.
Ravi you have a crush on me and cheat off of me.
and I cheat off of the person I have a crush on. Ken I hope you are getting the answers right or Ravi and I are in trouble.
Really Ravi your the teachers pet and your cheating off of me get us the answers kid.
Ken how can you be a bully and my best friend. I'm gonna have to get you in check I can't let you go around bullying people. This was fun @AimeeH thank you for making it. @kpopmom
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Oh my god. XD He dominated your results XD I was beginning to wonder if he was going to let anyone else in! Thank you for participating!
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@AimeeH yes I definitely had a pattern going. it's always exciting to see who you end up getting in these games.
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@lilbr0wneyes Yes I agree!!
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