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Block B!

Oh, that's not right...
THIS PERSON that randomly popped up as I was searching through FTIsland things... ANYPSY, LETS HEAR IT FOR FTISLAND WOO (This is when you start clapping and saying woo)
Bias Birth Name: Lee Hong Ki Stage Name: Hongki Nickname: Cute Rebellion Birthday: March 2, 1990 Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group
Bias ruiner Birth Name: Lee Jae Jin Stage Name: Jaejin Nickname: Volunteer Birthday: December 17, 1991
Bias murderer Birth Name: Song Seung Hyun Stage Name: Seunghyun Birthday: August 21, 1992 Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Guitarist
Birth Name: Choi Jong Hoon Stage Name: Jonghun Nickname: Sexy Jonghun Birthday: March 7, 1990 Position: Leader, Guitarist, Piano & Bassist
Birth Name: Choi Min Hwan Stage Name: Minhwan Nickname: Mindungyi (민둥이) Birthday: November 11, 1992 Position: Drummer and Maknae
I don't know much about them YET other than the fact that THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE!
지독하게 너무 지독하게 너를 사랑했나 봐~~~ You can't hear me but I'm sure that I totally nailed that high note *more like you're lucky you can't hear me because I can't high note*
OH OH OH I ALMOST FORGOT! These are some of my favorite songs. Love Love Love is probably my all time favorite, but I really love these other songs too!

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Omg my babe Hongki!!!!!!! Such a flawless cutie. I originally saw him in the drama You Are Beautiful. Also featured Jung Younghwa from CNblue who happen to be the same company as FT.ISLAND. heehee Flower Rock is my favourite song
I love FT Island as much as I love SHINee and SJ, Hongki is just too damn adorable and sexy at the same time they all are and these boys are super talented funny and I just love them. I have a lot of favorite songs but I listen to Theory of happiness and you are my life a lot
I love FT Island. Pray is probably my favorite song, followed by Severely.
ALSO, random thing I forgot to mention... Is it just me or do Jonghun's lips look really kissable..? He probably gives great kisses. Just thought I'd point that out.
They are my favorite !!! 💕💕💕