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Liar Liar- Chapter 23

Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 23 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: Reader x Jungkook Others Characters in Chapter: Yoongi, Hoseok, Jungkook, Jimin Length: 2049 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy, THE FEELS

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 23/? “Y/n move”, Jimin suddenly pleaded when Jungkook gave him no response. “If I don’t do this, all three of us are dead.” “You wanna get out of here alive? Let me think of something. Or else you can get to Jungkook by getting through me.” To my surprise and horror, Jimin cocked the gun. “Orange…” I whispered. Don’t do this.
Y/n’s POV “What if you just shoot yourself?”, Jungkook suggested from behind me. Jimin gave a dry laugh.  “Jungkook, stop it.” He really wasn’t helping.  Jungkook ignored me. “What the hell did you do anyway? Why the hell is he punishing you?” I looked at Jimin, my eyes wide, silently pleading for him to stay quiet. Do not tell him we kissed.Thankfully, he caught on. “I told Yoongi I liked y/n”, Jimin replied. I breathed out in relief. “That’s it?”, Jungkook asked incredulously. Jimin nodded, the gun still pointed at me. “Wait”, I murmured, knowing full well Yoongi could hear and see. But our backs were facing the camera. “Do you think my phone would stop a bullet?” Jimin looked at me confused. I heard Jungkook shift behind me. I didn’t know he had stepped closer to me until I felt his breath on the back of my neck. “No. Don’t even think about it”, he commanded. I turned to him slightly. “Too late. I’ve thought about it.” He didn’t respond. I turned back to Jimin, and slowly took my phone out and placed it on my chest. Jimin finally understood what I meant. “I’m not shooting at you. It won’t work.” He was careful not to mention the phone. “Well you’re not shooting at Jungkook.” I stated. “Why the hell did you jump in the way, Jimin? I continued. “If Jungkook had shot me, we wouldn’t be in this mess!” “But we ARE in this mess y/n”, he answered. “And I want out, so please. Move. Out. Of. My. Way.” “No. Are you stupid? Y-yoongi’s a maniac!” I instinctively stuttered saying his name, seeing as he had screamed at me before, not to say it. “You kill Jungkook, I’m next! Whatever he told you is a lie. He just wants to punish me by watching Jungkook die, and punish you by watching me die.” I whispered that last part, as I had slowly realised it while I was speaking. “If there was anyone here to protect her, I’d take the bullet”, Jungkook mumbled. “But you’re all untrustworthy bastards.” “I didn’t let that asshole tongue- fuck me in front of you for the banter”, I snapped. “Even if there was someone here on our side, no fucking way would I let them shoot you.” Jungkook was at a loss for words at my sudden outburst. I huffed as I pocketed the phone. That really was a stupid idea y/n. Obviously a bullet would go through it.But at this point I was desperate. We heard the door rattle, and I acted on instinct. I dashed over to Jimin, and with a brief struggle, snatched the gun from him. “Y/n!” he shouted in shock, lunging for me, but I side-stepped him. Jungkook ran up to him and grabbed him, to stop him running at me again.  “Y/n don’t do anything stupid”, he warned. “Yoongi only put one damn bullet in for me to shoot him.” To Jungkook he yelled “Let go, god damn it!” “Don’t let go”, I breathed out as I ran to hide behind the door. I was past caring- whoever came through the door would get a bullet in their head. I was sick and tired of playing Yoongi’s games. The door swung open and from the back of his head I saw who came bursting in. Hoseok ran in to take care of the commotion, unaware that I was behind him. He was holding a gun, as expected. Where the hell is Yoongi? “Let go of him!”, Hoseok commanded, clearly forgetting that I even existed. “I don’t take orders from you, traitor”, Jungkook growled. Jimin had stopped struggling, but Jungkook still wouldn’t let go.  Hoseok must have suddenly realised something was off, because he looked around. It was when he slowly started turning, I made my move. The plan was to run up to him and push him over, so Jungkook (and possibly Jimin) could take care of him, but he was quick. He dodged me, and threw a punch. I recoiled just in time. Jungkook had let go of Jimin and was making his way over. “Don’t.” I stopped him, my eyes trained on Hoseok. “He’ll shoot.” Hoseok laughed. “What makes you think I won’t shoot you?” I smiled and gripped the gun tighter, showing him more confidence than I felt. “I’m y/n.” “You hurt her, boss will be mad”, Jimin called as Hoseok murderously stared at me.  “Well next time, do as your fucking told, and other people won’t get hurt”, he snapped. “Bullshit.” I said simply. “We all know he would hurt me anyway. Don’t blame this on him.” “Don’t tell me what to do!”, he roared as he lunged for me. “NO!” Jungkook yelled. But again, I ducked so his flailing arms missed me. He tried to kick me, but I caught his leg and pulled, causing him to lose his balance. He shot the gun as a last attempt to stop me, but missed by miles. He tried to scramble up but Jungkook had run up to pin him down.  “Jungkook”, Hoseok panted. “Get the fuck off!” Jungkook punched him in the face. Once. Twice. Three times. By the fourth Hoseok wasn’t moving. Jungkook grabbed his gun from his still hands. I stood there panting. The cold metal had turned warm in my clammy hands, but I kept hold of it in case Yoongi turned up.  “Jungkook…”, I softly warned. What’s the point when he isn’t awake? “HE KILLED TAE!”, Jungkook suddenly shouted. I looked at Jimin helplessly. Hoseok was as good as dead. I closed my eyes tightly as I saw Jungkook slowly bring the gun up and point it at Hoseok’s head.  The sound of the gun made me gasp, even though I was expecting it. Jungkook, now splattered with blood, stood up to face Jimin, but before he could speak, the sound of slow clapping made me whirl around. Yoongi. It wasn’t his presence that made me take a step back, it was the malicious grin on his face. “Jimin”, he spoke, the smile not leaving his face. “Come.” I watched, mouth agape, as Jimin tentatively walked and stood slightly behind his leader. Even though Yoongi had put him through that, he still stuck with him. I stepped back again. Why the hell is he smiling? He just lost another man.  I noticed a bruise on his cheek. Must have been Hoseok. And sure enough… “I told him not to come and help Jimin. I told him.” Yoongi sighed, shaking his head. “This is what happens when you don’t listen to me.” He whirled around and suddenly grabbed Jimin’s throat. “You die.” Jimin was gasping for breath but not fighting back. I stepped forward. “Let him go!” Yoongi laughed. It was such a sinister sound, the hairs at the back of my neck stood up. He pushed Jimin, and kicked him in the stomach, making him keel over. “As you wish princess.” I watched helplessly at Jimin, doubled over in pain. I heard Jungkook cock the gun in his hand. Yoongi tutted at him, a smirk playing on his lips. I bit my own to stop myself from screaming at him. In fact, I bit so hard, I drew blood. “Put the gun down”, Yoongi ordered darkly. He turned to me. “You too princess.” “Why the fuck would we do that?”, Jungkook snarled.  Yoongi reached behind him and lazily took out his own gun. “Put them down, or he gets it.” I was surprised when he pointed the gun at Jimin. “You won’t shoot your own man”, I stated in disbelief. Even so, I put the gun down. I wasn’t going to risk it. “That a challenge babe?” I grimaced. Every time he called me a stupid pet name, I remembered our…encounter and felt wrong. Just looking at him now felt wrong. Now that I knew what he was really like. I didn’t know why Minah’s dad had been the most feared man by all gangs, when a person like Yoongi existed. I shook my head vehemently. This is a joke, I told myself. He won’t shoot. They’re friends. This might be their plan. As much as I wanted to believe Jimin was’t as shady as the rest of his gang, I really had no choice but to.  “You.” Yoongi was talking to Jungkook. “Put. It. Down.” Jungkook probably ignored him because in a swift movement, Yoongi had pointed the gun at my feet and shot it. I screamed and stumbled backwards, almost tripping over my own feet. “OK!” Jungkook shouted, defeated. I stared, and Yoongi, shocked. I heard the gun land on the floor.  “Hmm”, Yoongi pretended to ponder. “What to do with you all…” “Let us go?”, I suggested. He laughed. “No y/n. I don’t think so. You’ve all been naughty, haven’t you?” “Jimin hasn’t done anything”, I stood up for him.  “Exactly.” There was a dangerous glint in Yoongi’s eyes. “I asked him to kill that motherfucker, and he didn’t do anything.”  “Jungkook killed Namjoon. And Yuri. And Hoseok. Very important people.” “You”, he looked at me. “You act like you care about a person, but no. You’re just a filthy whore.” I took in his words. They stung, but right now wasn’t the best time to get all sensitive. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, wanting nothing more than to knock his lights out. “Jimin refused to take a life. Jungkook killed traitors and murderers- something the law would have done anyway- and I showed you compassion. How the fuck are any of these punishable by death?” Yoongi paused before chuckling darkly. “You think letting me fuck you into my desk is compassion? What the fu-” He didn’t finish his sentence because Jimin suddenly pounced on him, making him drop his gun. Me and Jungkook, both ran forward, as I grabbed the gun so Yoongi couldn’t grab it. “You bastard!” Yoongi screamed as pushed Jimin off and tried to get up. But Jungkook stamped on his leg so hard, I heard the cracking of bone, making me wince. There was a small trail of blood stemming from his bottom lip, trailing slowly down his pale skin. “Any last wishes, you bastard?, Jungkook asked, with a tone of disgust. Yoongi still managed to smile. My heart fell as his eyes turned to meet mine. I could see the realisation in them- he knew the end was near. “Yes.” The three of us looked down at him. The mighty boss had fallen. I glanced to Jimin. He was running a hand through his hair. I think he regrets doing that. “Jimin, it was either him or you”, I said softly. “I want y/n to pull the trigger.” I stared at him, the gun still in my hands. “W-what?” “Babe. I want you to be the one who kills me”, he repeated softly. “No. No way.” I stepped back, looking around at Jungkook and Jimin for help. They were both looking at Yoongi. His forehead was glistening with sweat, and he was panting softly. He chuckled. “That’s my last wish. You can’t say no.” He looked up and me, and his face slightly softened. That was the Yoongi I had instantly gelled with. Not the monster that had almost killed us. “Y/n”, Jungkook spoke up. He had zero sympathy for Yoongi, I could tell. “You want me to end it?” It? He’s referring to Yoongi’s life as ‘it’? I silently shook my head and blinked back tears. He was right. This was his last wish. And it had to end here. Yoongi was too erratic and unstable to be allowed to survive. I shakily raised the gun to his chest, my breathing laboured. He smiled. “Fancy that. The first woman I’ve ever loved will be the one to kill me. And they say love isn’t toxic.” I let out a stifled sob. This was my ultimate punishment. “Yoongi”, I breathed.  “Mmm”, he seemed content. “You always did sound good saying my name.” “I’m sorry”, I whispered. He opened his eyes, to look at me. His gaze wasn’t cold for once. In fact, rather the opposite. A single tear rolled down his cheek, and his next words broke me. “I…love you.” I fired. To Be Continued....

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NOOOOO!!!! Min Yoon Gi..... I'm sorry for being so angry with you after the last chapter.... 😭
No no no no :, ( please tell me she didn't shoot him. .omg
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