3 years ago1,000+ Views is a Tuesday, so we are probably all feeling this. At least I know that I am.
So let's look at some pictures of this cutie sleeping! And we know that these boys rarely sleep alone, so there will be a couple with some other members in them!
Look at this baby! His lips are so nice!
Aww! These boys work too hard for us! They just sleep wherever and whenever they can! He is just too cute!
Now let's get into a couple featuring some other members!
Jimin and Namjoonie!
The maknae line of course!
Jimin and J-Hope! This one is just too cute!! I love the two of them so much!
If you do not want to be tagged, let me know.
If by chance anyone would like to be added to the list (or if you asked and you are not on it because I suck at tag lists 😣), let me know as well!
@JaxomB Me too! I was so excited when I found that little chibi version of it to go with this card! 😍
plz taggies
@Defy24601 duuuude, his arms! ❀️
@jiminakpop AHHH I know right! I love that first photo because even though he is sleeping, his arms are still bulging! I love his arms! 😍😝
I just about died the first time I saw the maknae line photo. THEN when I saw that first photo of Jimin, *dead!*. It's still killing me no matter how many times I see it!
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