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Possible Release date could be this Summer!!! I don't know if there is anybody else who is as Stoked as I am about this! I watched the OVA's over and over again!! I binge watched Both season and I'm near the ending of the Manga!!! I absolutely love this show! What do you hope to see in the next season of Nisekoi? I want at least more than 12-20 episodes because there is so much more stuff that happens in the Manga and really deserves to be aired as episodes during the season. I'm also hoping to see more of Chitoge and Raku's relationship grow more because they are completely adorable together. I also wanna see more of Tsugumi because she's just so damn awesome lol. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS SHOW, YALL DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! This is one of the best Romance Comedy Harems I have ever watched! Hopefully if and you do check this show out I'm sure you won't be disappointed at all!
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I'm biased XD sorry!
@sparkieparkie99 I can tell at least you respect the fact I'm Team Chitoge through and through and I'm kinda glad that I found an Onodera supporter that wouldn't go straight for the jugular I swear alot of the other people are freaking vicious
@BlackoutZJ are OnoderaXRaku fans vicious? That'd be actually really funny because Onodera is just the opposite. But of course! Though, all said was an opinion. I'd hate it if you bashed on me and my thoughts on this matter (Even if you said she was a common character, maybe her personality I can slightly agree with, but her hair is beautiful! I love it, it's super unique to me. Just please don't ruin that for me!)
@BlackoutZJ I've only ran into one other fan like me and they are super cool.
That's something I can't lie about and I was surprised at first when I saw comments hating and trying to destroy team Chitoge supporters it was crazy I don't plan of spoiling anything lol @sparkieparkie99 I promise