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I have a really bring issue with people telling me they are okay when they aren't. Not only does it make me feel like they don't trust me, but it makes it impossible to really rectify an issue with a loved one. So I am here to remind everyone that, NEWSFLASH, it's totally ok to not be ok. all. the. time.
In relationships, be it romantic, friendships, or even family, problems will arise. Some are small, like your sister always taking your socks, and some will be large, like your SO cheating on you. You're allowed to be pissed! With small things, you shouldn't let it overwhelm you, it is just socks. But if you keep telling your sister you aren't mad why the hell would she stop wearing them?! You told her you were ok. But when it comes to bigger stuff, there is no reason for you to "be strong", "put on a brave face" or any other stupid expression that tries to control how you feel about something. Someone fucked with you, be fucking mad and let them know it. Because nothing will change if you keep saying everything is gravy.
When you say everything is okay when it isn't, you are missing the chance to actually make everything better! You deserve to be happy, and you have the right to be tell people when you aren't. And just a reminder, things might not be okay right now, but they will be. Don't let anyone stifle your voice.
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I really like this article!
The people I trust are the ones without filters. I don't have to guess about their feelings and it's a relief.
me too!!! I am so happy someone else feels that way. I say when I'm upset and it gets others down. I'm starting to feel like maybe it's best to not say.
It is not always correct to put yourself above others, and yet they should never be above you. How do you know when hate and love are right?