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2 Quick And Easy Braid Hairstyles
Everyone loves quick and easy when it comes to hair. We are so used to seeing braided styles for longer hair, but don't stumble across many when it comes to shorter hair. Well, that changes today. Keep scrolling to see two quick and easy braided styles that will give your short do a brand new makeover.

Would you rock these short braided looks?

Which one do you prefer?
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I would rock them both they are very easy n simple but so pretty.
2 years ago·Reply
Yes!! Love them both @AshleyPatterson
2 years ago·Reply
I wear two braids during the week just like I did in elementary school. I start the braid from my the top to my shoulder and criss cross the ends. Sometimes I nestle in a flower or cute barrettes. So braids are a yes for me. lol
2 years ago·Reply
Sounds really cute!!! Sounds like a pretty French braid @EasternShell
2 years ago·Reply