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hello ! i told you the next lockscreens wpuld be out soon didn't i ? •̀.̫•́✧ anyway, thanks to all those who requested ! i have a lot of fun while making these ! i'm really really really sorry if yours wasn't in this post. i got a bunch of requests (i'm not complaining tho) and i'm in school right now so they might come a little later ! sorry again !
requested by : @BekiKunstman image : park bom i'm really sorry i didn't finish your request and i still haven't ! i'm just having a few difficulties finding pictures !
requested by : @BekiKunstman image : RAIN
requested by : @BabySheep image : bang yongguk
requested by : @ZwankimaWalker image : daesung
requested by : @ZwankimaWalker image : taeyang
requested by : @raenel image : g dragon
requested by : @Gaarita100 image : min yoongi
requested by : @Gaarita100
requested by : @PrincessUnicorn image : park chanyeol
that's all for now okay? sorry if i didn't get to your request! i'm very behind (/。\) anyway i at least hope that the requests i covered were okay :) thanks to all that requested and i'll get to the others soon! remember if you want to request you can request anytime but please keep the number of lockscreens under five. if you want to be tagged or untagged just comment ! thanks !
that would be great if you could send/tag me in some pictures @BekiKunstman
beautiful like always <3 I won't request anything this time bc I'm sure you have enough already :)
Could you please do Cho Kyuhyun from Super Junior?
Byun Baekhyun please! 🙏
hyuk from vixx? pretty pretty please
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