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You guys don't know how I'm excited for their comeback. Whenever I think about I can't help but scream a little bit inside. May 7th, 2016 will be funeral date for anyone who would like to join me are welcome. Seriously thought BTS has suprised me everytime they had made a comeback. So one way I can sustiain my excitement is by looking at the photos they released.

Rap Monster

Blonde suits him perfectly and those lips seem to grow everytime I look at them.


Still looking dashing as ever I see.


The Golden Maknae needs to stop growing because I can't handle him right now. Do you see how hard he is staring??


.........He has finally accepted his calling as a Grandpa *wipes a tear* I'm so proud. ;_;


Honestly I'm glad he changed his hair back to brown, it looks so much better in my opinion. (am i the only one who stared at his lips for a whole minute?)


Killing the pink outfit like nobody ever has!!! I didn't think Jin could get any more attractive from the last comeback but he has proved me wrong once again.


And of course my baby, my life V is last and I'm most excited for him(i'm so biased xD). He looks so good and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him in this album.

Who Looks The Best In Your Opinion?? What Are You Expecting From This Album?

I actually loved jimins Orange hair it gave me the feels.then again jimin in general just gives me the feels LOL
@Helixx.... Awwwww.... let's fangirling together.. Awwwwwwww!!!!!
They look so grown up and handsome! You know they will never dissapoint, their comeback will be fantastick of course!
I'll join the funeral...
Im so excited I died when they annouced thei comeback!!! Of course I'm biased too (Obviously xD) So I think Hoseokie looks dashing and sexy as ever as well as all the members but Jungkookie needs to stop...He needs to stay in his lane same with Jiminie~I love him too and he is my top bias wrecker in BTS. I'm glad he changed his hair back to brown as much as I love his reddish orange hair, I loved brown or black on him the most