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You guys don't know how I'm excited for their comeback. Whenever I think about I can't help but scream a little bit inside. May 7th, 2016 will be funeral date for anyone who would like to join me are welcome. Seriously thought BTS has suprised me everytime they had made a comeback. So one way I can sustiain my excitement is by looking at the photos they released.

Rap Monster

Blonde suits him perfectly and those lips seem to grow everytime I look at them.


Still looking dashing as ever I see.


The Golden Maknae needs to stop growing because I can't handle him right now. Do you see how hard he is staring??


.........He has finally accepted his calling as a Grandpa *wipes a tear* I'm so proud. ;_;


Honestly I'm glad he changed his hair back to brown, it looks so much better in my opinion. (am i the only one who stared at his lips for a whole minute?)


Killing the pink outfit like nobody ever has!!! I didn't think Jin could get any more attractive from the last comeback but he has proved me wrong once again.


And of course my baby, my life V is last and I'm most excited for him(i'm so biased xD). He looks so good and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him in this album.

Who Looks The Best In Your Opinion?? What Are You Expecting From This Album?

Im so excited I died when they annouced thei comeback!!! Of course I'm biased too (Obviously xD) So I think Hoseokie looks dashing and sexy as ever as well as all the members but Jungkookie needs to stop...He needs to stay in his lane same with Jiminie~I love him too and he is my top bias wrecker in BTS. I'm glad he changed his hair back to brown as much as I love his reddish orange hair, I loved brown or black on him the most
I'll join the funeral...
They look so grown up and handsome! You know they will never dissapoint, their comeback will be fantastick of course!
@Helixx.... Awwwww.... let's fangirling together.. Awwwwwwww!!!!!
I actually loved jimins Orange hair it gave me the feels.then again jimin in general just gives me the feels LOL