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This is like the Puerto Rican medicine cabinet, except for the last two (maybe a variation).

Crazy story time:

When I was a kid, my mother used to rub Vicks vapor rub ANNNNDDD alcohol all over my body and wrapped me in layers of blankets like a burrito. Anyone's parents did this too? I don't think this worked...tbh lol.
@alywoah It was only rubbed on my forehead, every so often.
@YumiMiyazaki damn I thought my mom was the only person crazy enough to do that haha. Were yo also drenched in rubbing alcohol????
yeap I remember my grandma used to give us sprite for upset stomach, rub Vick vapor rub on chest, feet and nose. She would always make menudo when she had a hangover. Now I do that except make it, I go to a Mexican restaurant to eat menudo 馃槀
Haha. I think most Latinos can relate to this.
Yup :) A whole jar of Vix, then wrapped in plastic and a blanket. Afterwards, I was fed slightly spicy chicken noodle soup. I was a burrito princess :)