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Words are everything.

What means one thing to you, might mean something completely different to somebody else. It all comes down to dialect and knowing the difference between a peach and a peach. When most people hear the term peach, they automatically think of the fruit.
Sometimes when a man refers to a peach [black men for the most part], they are referring to a woman's rear end. I bet most of you probably had no clue. That's why it's always good to pick up on slang terms, etc so you can always catch on.
It's okay, we've all had our fair share of 'fomo' moments. Black culture is known for having it's own specific dialect or slang. More times than often there's a word out there that you use daily, that African American's [women in general] have different meaning for. Keep scrolling to see a video explaining a handful of words that mean something totally different to black women.

Are you familiar with some of these terms?

What terms have you heard before that you weren't too familiar with.
@jordanhamilton honestly ever since I was stationed at maryland I hear these words a lot. I never heard anyone say this in the west coast the amount of ignorance is also high here for my experience.
@jordanhamilton well I was having a discussion with a woman and I said "I thought you meant" and she took it the wrong way and thought I called her a hoe. I was confused real confused and she tried to cuss me out till she saw the " I will slit your throat" look. I later found out about her side of the story and that word. let's just say that didn't end well for her
wtf.........................and I just learned what thot and loud is the hard way..................
All of em lol.
yeah, certain areas of maryland will have you wanting to pull your hair out. I lived there for 24 years before I left so I def get it @VixilCastillo
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