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For the most part you didn’t have anything to worry about during practice. He behaved himself and everyone worked really hard. During break he texted, asking you to meet him in the hall again; you ignored him. You had another member go get him at time to restart. A sullen little boy walked back into the practice room. You raised an eyebrow at him and gave him a shake of your head. He looks over, gives you a small not really there smile and gets back in line.
On your way to your car you send him a text.
YOU: Are you angry?
HN: Disappointed.
YOU: We have to be careful.
HN: I understand. Can I come see you tonight?
A knock comes at your door around dinner time. You open it to see a smiling man child with a bag of food.
“I brought dinner; since, you know, we can’t go out anywhere.”
You close your eyes and put your head against the closed door.
“You make me sound horrible.”
He comes up behind you and wraps you in his arms. Placing a kiss on your head he whispers,
“I’m not ashamed of you.”
You turn in his arms, “Is that what you think? That I’m ashamed of you?”
He just kind of stands there, hands in his pockets, not really looking you. You walk over and wrap your arms around his waist to pull him close.
“I don’t want people to think you’re out with your older sister or worse, your mother!”
He smiles and cups your face,
“I don’t care what people think. It isn’t their business.”
You laugh as you walk over to get plates,
“Okay, you ready to tell your brothers who you’re ‘dating’?”
He turns you around, takes the plates and puts them back on the counter.
“Yes. They know me. They know I’ve been waiting to finally date the woman I’ve wanted for years.”
You scoff, “Years? You were just a teenager when we met.”
“And I knew even then. I’ve just been waiting for you to realize that I’m now a man.”
You take a deep breath;
“What exactly have you told your brothers?”
“That I’m completely smitten, I’m just waiting for her to fall for me.”
At his words you look up into his face and grin,
“You really think you’d be here if I hadn’t already?”
There it is; that killer smile of his. He reaches down and secures to you him, than proceeds to kiss you senseless.
Surprisingly he pulls away after the first few kisses. He seems a little nervous as he reaches into his back pocket.
“This is what I wanted to give you during break.”
He pulls a piece of paper out of his wallet, goes over and clips it to your fridge.
[Cause I’m a dreamer And you’re the dream.]
Your breath catches as you read the words. Before you can turn and say anything he reaches around you and fastens something around your neck.
You look down in wonder as he smiles,
“I figure when you’re ready to tell the world about us, you can fill it.”
Just to let you ladies know how messed up the author is.. lol... I actually have one bias crooning loudly in my ears and a different one's picture up while I write this. You think you waffle!
@MaritessSison I do that too. Like i got one guy who fits the mold, but then my other guy just likes to pop in sometimes. I feel like im cheating lol
MY wrecker is the one the always comes out when HOT scenes happens. .lol
Lol is it bad that I rotate between 2 different guys in my head with each chapter😉 hehe! I just can't choose one!!
Awe we a thing now!!! I cant wait to meet his brothers formally. Heehee
Oh, I love my sexy man boy. He may have snuck up and kicked my first guy out a couple of chapters in but I am not disappointed he did. My first choice does still spring up occasionally with an adorable "I love noona" smile. I pat his head and give him a little attention before I send him on his way. 💜
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