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First and foremost, I have realized that I haven't been giving credit to those who either vote or request a film for a review. To get that out of the way, @VeronicaArtino voted for Zootopia and @shannonl5 requested Creed. Now on with the review! Dear God, why did I put myself through this again? It was painful enough the first time I saw it, but now thanks to @ChildOfSparda13 's request I had to watch this abomination a second time to really break it down. When it comes to a good movie, I look forward to praising it even if it may have some difficulties. When it comes to a bad movie, I look forward to trashing it even if it may have had one or two good things about it....I'm looking forward to trashing this piece of crap.
Now comes the part where I discuss what's 1) The Music. The music is actually pretty good. If the crappy writing isn't getting you somewhat motivated throughout the story, the music will. In fact, I think it's the music that made this somewhat bearable to me. ....Yeah that's all I've got.
1) The Cast. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor and wouldnt have made a bad Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan can be cocky, reckless, a jokester, and hes had his fair share of pretty ladies, however, I feel like this portrayal makes Jordan seem childish and douchey. While Jordan has his funny moments, he takes his job as Earths Green Lantern quite seriously, but here it feels like theyre mocking this hero by making him so unlikable. There is nothing making us feel sorry for this character. And the most important of all, his lack of character development. Jordan wrecks so much and pulls so much crap and he doesnt even accept responsibility meaning he learns nothing from his mistakes. Also, from beginning to end, the rest of the cast seems so disconnected. Its like they gave up on this movie...which yeah I cant blame them for that, but if youre going to be in a bad movie, at least put your all into it so that way people will be like yeah it was a bad movie, but you can tell the actors were trying.
2) The CGI. There is WAY too much CGI gong on. You may as well have made this 3D animation. Its really nothing impressive. At times its pretty decent, however, its just way too much. Especially, the CGI Green Lantern suit. I cant avoid this one, the suit is silly-looking when its all CGI and dont even get me started with the mask. The mask makes Ryan Reynolds eyes look CGI and thats a problem as well as distracting. Seriously, look at the pictures I put up of his cartoon eyes. Thats creepy as hell! This was just lazy. Rather than just make a proper costume, it was all CGI overkill. Parallax doesnt look threatening. He looks like Megaminds head lol. Point is…the CGI is one of the biggest killing factors in this movie.
3) The Story/Writing. In all honesty, the story isnt really that bad. The beginning scene with Green Lantern as a child and watching his father die was pretty good. Although I wish we could how he overcame his fear which would be the reason why he was chosen to be a Green Lantern. And theres the main problem with the story, there are little to no explanations. While I do believe in the saying "show, dont tell" there are some exceptions to this rule. Sometimes you need to explain what the hell is going on. Im not saying provide a 5 minute exposition, but tell us why this is happening, why did they make this decision, how did that happen? The writing is also very weak like when Hal quits the GL Corps like a little bitch, he returns to Earth WITH the ring....and the Guardians as well as the other Lanterns let him! Thats just dumb and lazy and stupid! And on another note, of all the thousands of Green Lanterns they only send like 10 to fight Parallax! Why didnt they send more if not ALL of the GLs?! Bad writers! Go in the corner and stay there till you learn common sense!
4) The Action. Just no. First off, when Hal Jordan uses the ring for the first time, its to knock out/hospitalize some angry guys he got laid off. Asshole move and also a dumb one. But it gets better. During his training, hes not so good (makes sense) but then in a cut scene hes suddenly really good at it (makes no sense). No one gets that good in a single cut. It takes time to get that skilled. Why didnt they just show us his progress? And the final fight with Hal Jordan and Parallax.....all it takes just a freaking punch?! Are you kidding me? All it took to throw this Megaminds ripoff into the sun....was a Green Lantern Ring punch? I have no words to describe how lazy, stupid, and uncreative this is. I would list more of the things that make this movie absolutely awful, but lets face it...I have another review next week and the week after that.
Whats my consensus? Its god awful! This ruins Hal Jordans image in movie form. The writing is atrocious, the effects are lazy and cartoony, and the characters are clueless with no character development. I know that there will be a Green Lantern reboot in the future and all I have to say about that is they better not pull a Fan4stic on us! Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I dont get any requests by Thursday, Ill just put something out. K? Fair? Goodie.
@redapple615. you should do a review on the last witch hunter.
@Krystalstar22 lol I used to have that movie when I was a kid on a video cassette! I haven't seen it in such a long time.
I....I feel the rage erupting from this card...
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@LadyLuna @shannonl5 1) yeah I'm more of a John Stewert fan myself, but it makes sense to do a movie on Hal Jordan since he was Earth's first lantern. 2) after how this movie came out, do you really want John Stewart's name on this? Think about it lol
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