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Alright, I keep delaying on this so I'm going to do 3 at a time so I can get this challange out of the way finally.
19) Have you seen them live? If so, when? No, I haven't seen them live. I would really love to see them at a concert or kcon. The closest one I know of that they're having this year, is the one in Mexico, and sadly I don't have the money to go. ;~;
20) Which member would be your best friend? I believe Ken would be my best friend. We both lighten our friends and make them laugh. Plus I think, we'll both enjoy each others company X3
21) Which member would be your older brother? As far as age goes, either N or Leo. N would be the annoying older brother. He would bug me and never be quiet. Where as Leo, I think he would be the silent protective older brother. Like if I ever bring any boyfriend home, he'll stare at them into submission XD
Hope you enjoyed this, I'll try to post another 2mrw