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Well, the Hodge Twins can.

If you guys don't know this already, I am a fan of the twins. They are just funny as hell. By the way, they have three different channels on YouTube, but they are primarily known for their fitness videos (and their insane eating challenges).
If you're interesting in watching them stuff their face with Takis Fuego chips, here you go lol:

"You know what's going to happen tomorrow, right? Fuckin' ass is gonna turn in to a got-damn blow torch."

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the family guy post was too funny, I feel like watching a episode very soon.
I've never had Takis before...
@MrEccentric yeah it's been awhile since I've watched the show. Looks like some humor therapy is happening this weekend!!!!!
@Michi220 try 'em!!!
Whenever I see Takis, I get that Hot Cheetos and Takis song stuck in my head.