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I was walking down the street to my dorm. I had been a late night at work again. I was trying to get home the fastest way possible considering that it was past midnight. Me, being dumb, thought it was safe to walk down a dark alley way. "Hey gorgeous, how about you walk my way" I heard a man shout a few feet away. I tried to turn back and get away from them but from my poor observation skills I didn't realize it was a group of men that had already circled me. "Come on sweetheart we just wanna play" he said while stroking my cheek. "Don't touch me" I replied smacking his hand. "So you wanna play that way. Boys hold her while I have my fun." "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I cried and shouted as I realized the meaning of his words. "GET OFF OF HER" a voice shouted farther (farther... further I don't know) down the alley his voice was deep and gruff but also warm and comforting. "Excuse me miss are you okay?" "Y-y-yes" How long was I thinking about his voice. OMG I'M SUCH A WERIDO. "Miss. Miiiiiissssss?" "Oh. Minhae" "Do you want me to walk you home" "y-y-yes please" "My name is Kim Jiwon but you can call me Bobby" "(y/n). Thank you for saving me Bobby" "your welcome. What were you doing out this late any way and in an alley?" "trying to get home as fast as possible. Anyway we're here." "give me your phone" "ar-araso" I hesitated before giving my phone. He quickly typed something in before handing it back. "Now you have my number so you can call me when your taking late night walks." "Kasamida!" I shouted before hugging him and running my house. 'Thank you Bobby you truly are my savior. My Unsuspected savior.'
So there it is my Bobby fanfic. I hope you liked it @xxchicharitoxx I think my next fanfic will be about Suga or Youngjae because there is not enough Youngjae fanfics.
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it was great! 😁 I liked it a lot.