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If I’ve learned one thing from being friends with BTS, it’s never fall asleep around Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung. They oh so lovingly decided to remind me of the fact once Jin and his girlfriend left by poking and prodding my face and tickling me until I finally broke and started laughing as I woke up. “Oppaaa!” I whined, trying to get further into the couch away from Hoseok’s tickling fingers. He was humming some weird random song that just sounded like a bunch of random noises from the depths of his weird mind. I could hear laughing from the other couch, Namjoon’s giggle was the most obvious. “Yoongi oppa! Make him stop!” I cried out, making Namjoon and Jungkook laugh harder. Looking over at Yoongi, I could see him laughing with his legs crossed, making no movement to come help me. Jimin and Taehyung joined in and started tickling my stomach and legs. Jin walked in and took in the scene, three men standing over a screaming girl as they tickle her. “Jiiiiiin oppaaaa!” I squealed, reaching out for him as they continued tickling me. He just laughed in response before walking over and pulling them off of me. I sighed in relief and laid back on the couch, catching my breath. The peace didn’t last long as Jin walked away and Jimin sat on my stomach, causing Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok to join in. I now had a tower of men sitting on my stomach. “I got an idea, let’s go get costumes for Halloween!” Taehyung yelled, jumping enthusiastically making me groan in pain. Jesus these men are so heavy! “Oppa, get off.” I wheezed, feebly pushing on Jimin’s leg. He laughed and pushed the other 3 off of him. I held my stomach and rolled off the couch, face planting on the floor. Everyone started laughing, making me groan into the carpet. Jin walked over, sitting on the couch and patting my back before resting his feet on my butt. “Seriously, let’s go get costumes.” Taehyung chirped again. “What do you think, Mingi?” Jin asked me, moving my butt to get my attention. My answer was just a thumbs up. “Alright everyone, let’s go.” He said, lightly kicking me before grabbing my arms and pulling me up. Once I got on my feet, I walked to my room and looked at my collection of converse. “Yah! Someone help me choose!” I yelled out, putting a hand on my hip. Namjoon walked in and picked up the red ones that I rarely wore. “Figures you’d pick those.” I muttered, grabbing the shoes and pulling them on. He just laughed and walked out. I followed after him, grabbing my phone, wallet, keys, and a hoodie. Jungkook walked over to me and slung his arm around my shoulders as we were walking out of my house. I made sure the door was locked as Yoongi swaggered out the door last. “Noona, what are you going to dress up as?” The maknae asked. I shrugged and walked to my car. “I’m not sure. I’ll probably think of something once I see the costumes offered.” I said, pulling away from him as I unlocked my car. “Why don’t you just ride with us?” Namjoon asked, pointing out the fact that they had two cars, the one that he, Jin, and Yoongi came in and the one Hoseok, Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung came in. I shrugged and locked my car again before getting in the back with Yoongi. As we went down the road, I poked his side making him look at me. I held up my fingers counting down from 3. He nodded and we entered a staring contest, making Namjoon laugh. Jin glanced back at us in the mirror and shook his head, giggling. “Place your bets!” I announced, making them laugh more. “Mm…Yoongi hyung by a long shot.” Namjoon said, making me flip him off. “I say Mingi.” Jin offered. I held up my fist to him, having him fist bump it. As the staring contest went on, Yoongi started to cheat by blowing in my eyes. “Yah! Oppa that’s cheating!” I whined, swatting at him. He smiled cheekily at me and continued. Suddenly, the car swerved and Jin angrily honked the horn. “Ha! I win!” Yoongi exclaimed, as I looked away from him to see what was going on. I pouted as he and Namjoon laughed and high fived. I remained in my pouting state until Yoongi started tickling my side, making me swat at him. “Oh come on, Mingi, you’ll win next time.” He said. I narrowed my eyes at him and stuck my tongue out at him. Jin turned on the radio and Zero for Conduct by Bastarz started playing. I immediately started rapping P.O’s part, making Namjoon and Yoongi laugh at my sudden mood change. I refuse to admit the amount of times I’ve listened to this song on repeat. “All you look like pretty boy gigilos, you look so outdated. While you all are still searching, I’ve got an abundant year. I’m not low, I’m so raw like a macho. This stage is my turf, so just keep watching.” I rapped loudly, laughing as Yoongi face palmed. “They really don’t know what’s cool. Look at their terrible body movements. Playing on stage without manners is the answer. Break it up ready go.” I started get to more and energy as I went along, practically yelling. “FROM TODAY ON ITS ZERO FOR CONDUCT!” Running out of breath, I stopped so I got laugh at Yoongi’s secondhand embarrassment. Jin shook his head with a smile on his face, slightly annoyed with how loud I was being. Reaching forward, I put a hand on his shoulder before smirking and started rapping his part from Circle Room Cypher. “My name is Jin. I'm the most handsome. My nickname Jindda. Keep shaking your books you'll fall out. So my nickname is Jin. So my stage name is Jin!” That sent Namjoon into hysterical laughter. Jin ignored my teasing and parked the car as Hoseok parked beside us. I looked over and saw Taehyung get out of the car, jumping around. Smiling, I opened the door and heard him yelling out the lyrics to Zero for Conduct. “Taehyung. Quiet down.” Jin said, getting out of the car. Tae listened to him and we shared the same mischievous look. We locked arms and started skipping towards the store, the other men following behind us. Tripping over a ghost, I fell, scraping my knees. I hissed in pain and Tae helped me up. My jeans that already had rips in the knees did nothing to protect my knee caps. “Are you okay, Mingi?” Omma Jin asked. “I’m fine, oppa.” I answered, wiping off my knees as little rocks stuck to them. Tiny spots of blood started to form, but nothing serious. “You’re so clumsy, noona.” Jungkook teased, making me glare at him. “Aish, this kid.” I muttered. Tae and I continued our skipping, until we got closer to the store and I slowed down to walk with Yoongi and Jin. Kookie and Tae started energetically talking to each other about random stuff. Hoseok and Jimin were walking beside each other being just generally weird. Namjoon was walking behind Jin, catching up once he realized that even grandpa Yoongi was going faster than him. As soon as we got in the store, I was surprised at the fact that there were only 2 people. Although at 10 pm it makes sense. We immediately got engulfed in the clothes and started messing around. I laughed at Jin who had a tiara on his head. “What?” He asked, feigning innocence. “Pretty woman.” I sang, do the hand movement from I Like It, making him laugh. He pulled off the tiara and put it back, looking for something else. I saw a mask like the one Hoseok had in No More Dream so I walked over and put it on before turning around and rapping his part, making Jungkook giggle and Hoseok laugh. “Go on your path. Even if you live for a day. Do something. Put away your weakness.” I giggled as I took it off, determined to buy it. Never know when you can get the chance to look badass. Baby Don’t Cry by Daesung started playing over the store’s radio. Frowning, my mood plummeted. Biting my lip, I glared at the rack of clothes in front of me. His voice echoed through my mind. “I love you, jagi. I don’t like it when you’re upset. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. I’ll always be by your side. Don’t cry.” He soothed, wiping away the tears that fell down my cheeks. “Mingi? Are you okay?” I heard Hobi ask. I looked over at him and saw him and Jimin both staring at me with wide eyes. “Mingi, what’s wrong?” Jimin asked, softly. Jin turned his head to look at me, his jaw dropping. I looked away from them and furiously wiped the tears that fell down my cheeks. “I’m fine.” I said through clenched teeth. I sniffled, gripping the mask tight in my hand as I grabbed some fingerless leather gloves and a leather coat. Jin’s hand found its way to my shoulder, turning me to look at him. “I said I’m fine, oppa.” I said, pulling away from him. It pissed me off beyond belief that I still was caught up on him. “I just had something in my eye.” I made up an excuse and walked away from him, heading to the bra section, hoping he would leave me alone. Although his face was bright red, he still followed me. “Mingi, somethings wrong. I’ve known you for, what, a year? You don’t just go from playing around with Hoseok to crying and walking off unless something is really wrong. You can tell me. I don’t like it when you’re upset.” He said, holding my arm. I bit my lip again and felt tears falling from my eyes again as the lyrics of the song rang through the store. That’s what I liked about Jin, he’s always comforting when someone is crying. He’s such a caring person. “Please tell me, Mingi.” He said, looking worried beyond belief. Instead of answering, I just hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me and soothingly rubbed my back as I cried into his jacket. “I’m sorry.” I said in between quiet sobs. “It’s alright, let it out.” He whispered, resting his chin on my head. “Hyung? Mingi?” I heard Hobi’s voice ask. He walked over to us, face a light pink at the surroundings. I guess the racks of lingerie in different colors and styles made him feel uncomfortable. “Are you alright?” He asked, trying to ignore the bright red number that we were standing next to. I wiped my tears and pushed down the sadness, hiding it like I’ve done since he’s left me. “I’m fine Hobi oppa.” I said, smiling. He seemed to doubt me for a second before letting it drop. Jin, however, didn’t believe it for a second. He gave me a look that said “you’ll tell me what that was about”. The song changed to one I’ve never heard before, but it felt like the lyrics to the last song were still echoing around us. Memories raced through my mind. “So Hobi oppa, how would you feel if I dressed up as you for Halloween?” I asked, pointing to him. “I’ll even do your signature move.” I teased, doing an over exaggerated version of Touch My Body, making him laugh. As we finished shopping, the boys decided to not get anything since they were going to get costumes for Halloween as it is. I ended up getting just the mask and fingerless gloves. I’ll come back later to get the final touches of the costume, but maybe not with Jin watching me like a hawk. Hobi and Jimin switched with Namjoon and Yoongi in the car on the way, much to the elder’s disappointment. Yoongi really didn’t want to ride in a car with Jungkook and Tae since they were still extremely hyper, even though it was nearing 1 in the morning. Hobi sat in the back with me and kept glancing at me as I stared sadly out the window. “Mingi?” Jin asked quietly, making the other two look at me as he glanced back at me in the rearview mirror. “Mm?” I hummed, not moving my eyes from the window. Everything looked so pretty at night. “Can I ask why you were so upset?” His voice was soft. I sighed, looking down at my hands. “It was the song.” I said, ignoring Jimin and Hoseok sharing looks. “What about it?” “It reminded me of my ex..” I trailed off, tears filling my eyes again. The silence of the car was deafening. “What’d he do?” Hoseok asked, putting a comforting hand on my knee. “He lied.” I said simply, looking up at him. They decided to drop the subject and I stared out the window again, getting lost in my own world. I hadn’t even noticed that we pulled up to my house until Hoseok nudged me. “Thanks, oppas.” I muttered, giving them all hugs and getting out, noticing that Namjoon was driving the other car and Tae, Kookie, and Yoongi were all passed out. I waved at him and he offered a smile as he waved back before I walked in the house, crying as soon as I closed the door. “Jagiya, why would you ever think I would leave you? You’re my all. I love you so much. I promise you I won’t ever hurt you or leave you. Now calm down. Come here, cuddle with oppa.” His words echoed through my mind, causing a stabbing pain in my chest. “Why did you lie to me?” I whispered, sliding down the door until I sat down staring at the ceiling. “Why?” I sobbed brokenly, pulling my knees to my chest and crossing my arms on them before resting my head on my arms. A/N: I got the translations from random websites so if they’re wrong that’s the reason why. Also, I’m taller than like everyone in BTS. RapMon might be the same height but yeah…