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I see him, but i feel like its not him. As the lights gave us tje signal to cross the street. Melissa grabs my arm and we began to walk. Then I see him.. its Ghost. Then my phone drop. As i quickly pick up my phone and look up, he was gone. I look around. "JT, come on. The light is about to turn in red" Melissa pulls my arm and made it to the other side of the street. I look at the other side. But nothing. Was i hallucinating? When i look at my phone, it was cracked. "You got to be fucking kidding me?" "What happened JT?" "My phone is cracked!" "I see." I look at Melissa with a serious face. And all she does is giggles. Why i love this girl? "Buy a new phone JT, anyways you need an update." "No i dont, everyone has a galaxy!" '"ya, the newest ones, not the S4!" "Fine, lets go." We found a phone store, as we enter Melissa began to look around. Then she pulls me to a phone. "Look see, this one the S6, beautiful huh!?" "Oh, it is. Fine, im buying it." As the clerk sets up my phone, I began to look around. Then i saw a picture of Big Bang. They are all very gorgeous guys, but then i saw TOP. *Why he looks like Ghost?* I began to wonder who he is, but at the same time Ghost is different. "JT!!" "Ya!!?" "Your phone is ready, come on let's go, im starving!" "Woman, your always hungry!" I grab my phone, and began to look at it and go through it. It was beautiful. The picture are clearer. Yup, its why i love Melissa. Then we go inside a small family restaurant to eat in. Melissa then began to order and order. All i can do is stare at her. "Melissa?" "Ya?" "Never mind, just do you." She giggles, and then out of no where she squeals, which took me out of shock. I looked at her and she is smilling big on her phone. "What happened?" "JT, can we go?? PLEASEEE!!!?" "Go where? your begging without telling what?" "Remember i told you about this boy band called Big Bang?!" "Ya what about it?" "Well, this Saturday, they having a fan club service. Its huge, and so are they. They are awsome and big. Come on, it's...." "Yes Melissa" "Wait what?" "I said yes, we will go." Melissa screams like those fangirls and hugs me tight. I may not be too much into these type of stuff, but if it make my girl happy, im happy. So i grab the card and began to get the tickets. Since this will be her first thing. I purchase VIP and front line ticket. Its kinda expensive but i dont care. As the night grew darker, we arrived at our new home. Its 7pm and we both decided to call it a night. I turn everything off and went to bed.
I heard footsteps at the living room. I open my eyes and sit up on my bed. Then it became silent. Seconds later, the noise came again. "Melissa?" Melissa sometimes has moments of sleep walking, so i thought maybe she has another episode. I get off the bed, and started walking towards the living room. But then i saw Melissa's roim, she is sleeping on the bed. I closed her door, and I thought she went back to her room. Then the noise came again. My heart is beating fast, my mind became blank. Fear appeared inside me. I turn around. There i saw a black figure in a corner of the kitchen. Then red eyes appeared. I gasped and began to walk backwards. I couldnt believe my eyes. Is this the same monster? No it cant be, Ghost killed him. I panicked, I quickly ran to my room. I close my door and locked it. I stood frozen lookimg at the door. Then the door knob began to move. My heart couldnt take it no more. I started to breath heavy, the noise of this monster growling behind the door was scaring me. I cover my ears and close my eyes, but i can still hear him. I crouched down and just screamed. "NO!! NO NO.!!" Then Melissa came running inside my room. "JT, what happened??!! Sweety talk to me." I couldnt look at her. I was to freaked out. Then she turns on the lights. And she began to hug me. "Shhh, it was just an illusion. Its not real. Its not real" Melissa began to rock me , till i calmed down. Its been three years i haven't had these illusions. But i wonder, is it real or not. Then i began to relax. "I'll stay with you tonight, come on lets go to bed." She helps me up, and we both go to the bed. As she was about to turn off the light, i began to freak out. "Ok ok, lights on. Just relax JT. Im here." Melissa laid down beside me. Its been three years i havent felt so scared. Since that night at the snowy forest, i get nightmares and illusions of the monsters but also Ghost. Then i fell asleep.
A dream appeared Im sitting on a swing, and rocking myself back and forth. Then a pair of cold hands touch my shoulders behind me. I smile to the comfort of these cold hands. Ghost then appeared in front of me. He took out his hand, and i grab it. We both began to walk on the snow. I dont feel cold beside his hands. Then i look at him. He walks with his head straight ahead, with a serious look. "JT.." He spoke in a deep, warm voice. I look up at him. "Yes?" "Be aware of your surroundings" "What you mean?" "Those monsters, are everywhere." "I will be careful" Then Ghost looks at me, and as he gets closer to give me a hug, I close my eyes until i felt his cold, warm body to me. I hug him tight. "JT." "hmm.?" "If your lesbian, thats fine, but Im not!" My eyes pops open, and i see Melissa next to me and my legs and arms around her. I quickly let her go and freaked out. As i freaked out, i fell of the bed. All you hear is Melissa dying of laughing. "Im sorry JT, didmt meant to freak you out, but you fell of the bed, buahaha!" "Very funny. Woman, get out of here." Melissa gets out of bed laughing out of my room. I then drop my head on the bed. *why ... whyy!!* As time wemt by, we are ready to go to Art Museum. We get our art ready, and wait for our ride. Then Melissa came out of her room. I swear this girl, is definitely tjat typical girly girl. She is wearing a pink dress with black heels and diamomds on her ears and neck and wrist. "Melissa?" "Ya!" "Well one you look stunning, but this is an art museum." "Girl, I know. But never know if i can find a Idol, so when he looks at me. He will want me" *Help me Lord all Mighty* I laughed at her sillyness. Then our ride has arrived. As we began on the rode to the Art Museum, we became nervous. We arrived and we began to set up our paintings into our individual walls. "Good afternoon ladies, my name is Myo-ni and i am the owner of the Museum." Melissa and I bow, and we greeted her. She was a beautiful, young woman. With smooth white skin. "So each of you will be walkimg around. You guys should know each paintings from this Museum. Answer any questions and also dont forget to promote your drawimgs. Never know who will want your drawings." We smile and then the doors opened. Many and I'll say this again.. many people arrived. We began to answer questions after another question. Then i saw Melissa at her wall, showimg her drawings and paintings to some certain people. Then i began to walk towards my wall. Then i saw a man standing in front of my wall. As i got closer, he has white hair. My heart began to beat faster. *Is he Ghost?* Then as i got closer, i got nervous. The man began to take pictures. He looks just like Ghost. "Gh..Ghost?" The guy turned around, but it wasnt him. My Ghost has blue crystal eyes, but he doesnt. "Im sorry, i thought you was someone else." "You thought i was this man, from your paintings?" "Yes, he is a man who saved me when i was young." "I see, well. I love your drawings." "Thank you, im glad." "Your name?" "Oh im sorry, my name is JT" "JT..." He looks back at the drawing as he said my name. His voice is similar to Ghost, but just they are not the same. Then i noticed. Memories began to pkay in my mind, then thats when it clicked. He is TOP. "Excuse me, but by any chance. Are you TOP?" "Yes, yes i am." "Its an honor to meet you sir." "Seems like you dont know much about me huh" "No im sorry, my roomate is who told me of who you are. One day i got confused between you amd Ghost" "Hmm, i see" "Well, i would love to buy one of your paintings." *You said whattt!??* "Really?" "Yes, i love this one. Will look great at my living room." "Sure" I set up the painting for him to take. Then he came back after he paid it. When he grabbed the painting, my hand accidentally touched his hand. It was cold. He walked away, as i was about to approach him, Melissa calls me. I turn to where she calling me, but when i look back to where TOP is, he was gone.
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Oh my god make another one make another one this is awesome, short but awesome I'm excited 😄😄
@BBxGD @catchyacrayon That Melissa B.... sound just like Kwonnie Sofia... a sleep walker and possible lesbo pervert...(JT.. please make sure you wear 5 Pants and zip all the way up to your chest or don't ever sleep with her). About the painting TOP bought... I am thinking is naked Woman with big breast... as he posted in his IG... that's real ART!!!
I can't deal.. She knows how much I love this man and she always coming up with these amazing stories they kill me everytime
@JamiMilsap ↝JT↜ just need to get her vision check 😛😛😛😛
@BBxGD yes you are!!!!! @KpopQueenBee I know right??????
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