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So it has been a while all! It feels good to be back! Now short of it, just a lot has happened to me. Recently these events got me to the point I began to close myself off to others, but something helped me prevent it from being permanent.
Anime Quotes
There was one quote that I tried to keep close to assist me through my endeavors. It's funny how there's so much in the world that can assist us, yet something that can only expand through the imagination of our own minds and environment, can have such an impact.
Such a simple quote, nothing fancy, yet so meaningful. This has been the main quote throughout my list, that has assisted me in not closing out those close to me. All I see or hear when in regards to it, is if you're not wanting to feel alone, to not feel empty inside; allow people to reach and stay with you, no matter how much you've been hurt.
So I ask you this: what's an anime quote, that has spoken to you in your time of need? Or even one that you follow by even to this day. You can also share it's meaning to you if you'd like.
Now thanks for listening, Rikka will show you the exit :)