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The show is not all roses.

Former Bachelor frontrunner Andi Dorfman is dishing out all of the secrets from her time while being on the show in her new book "It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreaks Into Happily Ever After". Dorfman won the final rose on the show in 2014 winning the affection of then-bachelor Josh Murray.
Though the couple is undoubtedly known as one of the hottest couples to end up together on the show, they only lasted five months after the final rose ending in a called off engagement. Even with a heartbreaking yet predictable end, she is making the best of it. For Dorfman, she viewed her book as "therapeutic" as she exposed the realities of the hit television show.
"It was therapeutic to kind of just go through all of those emotions and actually get them out from my mind onto a piece of paper," she said.
Dorfman released a YouTube video as a preview for her book along with three shocking facts from 'The Bachelor'. You're going to love these.

1. They only get to bring two suitcases with clothing that is set to last for 9 weeks.

2. They never eat the food on dates. It's freezing cold by the time they get there.

3. Dates actually last from 8 to 16 hours while viewers only see 4 to 8 minutes on air.


That's show bizness!
A 16 hour date sounds like literal torture.