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I was tagged in doing this so yea lol not my idea credit goes to @kpopandkimchi for making the original card thanks for the tag btw lol
I like someone who is in the mankae line , and is fun and easy to talk to and because I'm shy I would like it if that person wasn't lol well maybe a little lol but I would also like low kinda husky voice like taehyungs Somone who has a bad boy look image but fluffy and adorable on the inside lol like jungkook but taehyung personality or like kris but xiumin or suho personality if you get what I mean lol but yea...lol that's all comment below and tell me what kind of guy you would go for
Such a solid type! fluffy adorable people are the best :3
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@kpopandkimchi I agree lol that's why I put them down as my ideal type haha
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