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Thought this video was great. Cuban food is very tasty. You should try it if you haven't. I thought it was kind of funny when they tried cafe Cubano. It is strong and sweet!
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now u can eat!!! @buddyed
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@alywoah let's face it, a sandwich and a water just can't compete hahaha
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Seriously! And I've been having the biggessssttt cravings for Caribbean-Latin food, but I need to find one of those hole-in-a-wall food places.
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here all we got is mostly restaurant but since I'm in a vacuum truck there's not a whole lot of places we can park where we won't get reported 馃槖
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I ate Cuban food a few weeks ago! It was a really great and spicy banana-based soup. I forget the name, but it was super creamy.
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