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Hello Vingle nakama! @SAMURXAI here and I'm going to get in on this oh so very much fun Nakama Campfire challenge hosted by our very own awesome community moderator @InVinsybll! I know I'm super late, starting on day 11 of the 15 day challenge, but as they say better late than never am I right? So imma try to bust out as many as I can tonight but I'll get caught up before it's over for sure. Bear with me all, I have to use my phone I actually don't own a computer of my own I can use, haven't needed to my phone works pretty well. I'll do my best to make my cards neato for all you neato people that put work into your posts!
So the Day 1 prompt was what anime character that most resembles myself. I actually had a bit of a tough time narrowing this down, I spent a couple hours researching characters, trying to recall characters that I felt most connected with and let me say, it wasn't easy. I need to get started though, and if I spent to much time thinking about it I'd probably never get the chance to answer lol. So I actually found a combination of 3 characters from Durarara that I think best represent me in different aspects. However, as I'm sure you all discovered, we find bits of ourselves in every character we love, from the smallest detail to the most overall. So by no means am I exactly like these 3, nor do they necessarily resemble me more than any other characters, but being as they are all in the same show and when reading about them I found myself nodding a lot, lol I settled to select them. Without further ado, my picks are:
Mikado Ryuugamine The quiet and seemingly innocent protagonist of the series, Mikado was born and raised in a small rural village. He grows bored with his unexciting life and through corresponding with his childhood friend he decides to move to Tokyo in search of adventure and experience. Mikado is gentle and kind, as I am. He is bored with small town living and thirsty for new things, as I am. He is reserved socially but finds comfort in interacting with people online, as I'm very much doing these days myself. He's shy, but also devious as he started a gang online as a prank, but it quickly grows into and entire organization. At first he withdraws from being the unofficial and unknown leader of the Dollars, becoming afraid of what it turned into. But he slowly accepts his role, if only minutely, encouraging the members to stop being violent and start doing good in Ikebukoro. He even unites them, to help expose the pharmaceutical company that had been kidnapping people and brings them all to the same place at the same time. Over the course of season 1, which is all I've seen, he grows more and more, becoming less shy and reserved to being more cunning and decisive. which is sort of how I've grown as well. He is very concerned for his his friends safety, predisposed to peaceful resolutions, and quick to stand up for injustice. All traits I admire and try to emulate.
Next is Mikado's childhood and current best friend Masaomi Kida. Now these two at first glance couldn't be more unlike each other. Masaomi is loud and boisterous, cocky, seemingly carefree, always (to no success) flirting and hitting on girls, and a bit of a ner-do-well. But this is just his outward nature. which I'm not much like. He covers the shadier element of who he is with his outward nature, internally Masaomi is racked with guilt, a violent past, and doubt. Masaomi was the leader of the yellow scarves, one of the more violent color gangs in the city. He tried to leave that behind, originally it was a game to him, but it quickly showed him that reality can be harsh and unforgiving. He fell in love with Saki, a girl he was introduced to by Izaya who was his informant and helped him turn the losing tide of battle against the Blue Squares. Izaya ends up leaving Masaomi on his own in his most dire moment of need, which resulted in the harming of Saki. Izaya later tells him that Saki is his "God", the source of all his guilt and doubt, that Masaomi will never escape from. He hits on girls to cover his guilt of what he felt he did to her. I have a girl like that, she was my god that I can't escape from, though for different reasons, this resonated so deep within me. I wish I could me more extroverted like Masaomi, who may may only act that way to escape his fears and guilt, but he's naturally friendly, like I am. He is ruthless when he needs to be, confident in his self and a bad ass fighter. All things I strive to be as well. he also kinda looks like me, and we both use humor as an ice breaker and he's a really good guy. He makes mistakes and has a hard time owning them, but grows to. as I have.
Last but not least is one of my favorite guys in the series, Kyohei Kadota. This guy is a genuine fucking bad ass. He leads a rag tag group of 3 others, kinda sorta like me and my main group, who are inseperable. His sense of morality and justice are what make me feel so connected to him. He and his group were all part of the Blue Squares, but once the leader started getting violent and malicious, he turns away from them. When Izaya left Masaomi on his own after Saki was kidnapped, it's actually Kyohei and his crew that find her and rush to her defense. He never once compromises his morals, even being in and out of gangs, he's upstanding, caring, devoted to his friends, quick to give advice when asked, and always wise and honest with what he says. All things I admire and resemble. He even helps Masaomi when he loses control of the yellow scarves, infiltrating them and kicking some serious ass when chaos erupted. He was instrumental in helping Mikado with the Dollars as well.
I could go on and on, about these guys, about who they are and how they are alike me, and also how they differ but I think that's a good summary of how they and I are alike, how I want to be more like them in many ways too. I hope you all enjoy! tagging a few people I think that are taking part and I've seen around the anime community but I'm not good at the tagging businees, it's hard on mobile. I hope you all see it though this took awhile lol. lemme know if I shouldn't tag you. @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @BlackoutZJ @VoidX @ebethoven @AshChrimson @NinjaMouse @AdamDean @CreeTheOtaku @gabbycalzada @qveenknip