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I love Ren and his beautiful hair why did he have to do this?
Did you know he models too? ok let me not forget the reason for such madness! everyone that knows Ren knows his long beautiful hair but......
Ren cut his hair! =( I'm so sad! he still looks like a handsome prince anyway.
I love both his long and short hair tbh I can't pick between the two
Loved his hair long, but he dang, he looks good!!
I think you meant Ren :) But I agree his long hair was the besssst ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
@Ticasensei lols i know abt his long blonde hair lols but i am talking abt this era nd i saw all their v live during their promotions nd he mostly came infront of the camera with his original short hair that he has since rebirth correct me if i am wrong anyways long short i just dont mind at all bcs he is soooooooooo damn fine nd beautiful ❤❤👌👌😍😍👍
@sherrysahar no he had long hair long ago, he had blonde hair and it was long, he actually had long hair here too, then cut it after the promo and then kept using extensions for the comeback promo
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