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나의 이상형은 아니라 감정을 보여 주기 걱정된다. 남자다운 키가크다 웃겨 외향적인 같은 이익 Idea type someone who isn't afraid to show their emotions. Outgoing, funny, taller then me but I'm 5'3 so yeah that's not hard but not taller than 6'3 or 6'5. I love manly but can be dorky too. Kind and thinks of others. Respectful especially to elders. And loves animals especially cats. Dogs are good too. They don't have to share all the same interests just a few. Understand my fan girling is a part of me and why they love me😜 because I'm such a dork when I fan girl. I tend to go for the vocalists and dancers in groups and especially if they have a deep voice I melt, but some like Jimin who can hit that high pitch I'm a puddle too. Because of BTS I am looking at rappers a lot more so. I just have too much Pictures of a few Asians I'm attracted to, but my list is long
@kpopandkimchi please let me know if the Korean is wrong.😁