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Recently got accepted to CSU Chico, very excited to start a new chapter of my life there even if it's 7 hours away from my family, but would appreciate appreciate all positive vibes. looking forward this August! ALSO, this was today's look . Loved my lips and thought I'd make a lip of the day card. The color is called Tulle -ultra matte from Colour pop ($6)
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@hikaymm yes I love it & on days I don't want it that bright I love the blend it with a nude to make it brown rather than red.
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you can study people and makeup
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First of all, your look of the day is on fleek. Second, congrats! So excited for your new chapter. I also relocated for work and I do get homesick especially when there's family gatherings or whenever my sisters share what they did together. It's harder for me because I was so closed to them before. All of this is to say, you're not alone and you could do it. I wish you the best! :)
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@marshallwill def give it a thought
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@cindystran thank you so much . I figured this will be good for me. when you're alone you get to know yourself.
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