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The Day 2 prompt was what anime aired the year you were born. I was born in 1990, which made this one another challenge. I had to do research to find out I certainly didn't know any off hand. I actually didn't really get into anime until a couple years ago, well into my adult life actually. I'm a bit of a stigma. Most people grew up loving anime, but I had a bit of a sheltered childbood and there was a lot I wasn't allowed to watch. I'm actually a bit glad things turned out the way they did, I don't love anime based on childhood imagination or fantasy or nostalgia, I actually love it because of my adult imaginatiom, my creative mind and I can appreciate it with a level of, well, deepness that a child, especially me as a child, never could. So I was looking for anime that I had at least heard of or knew about, and there wasn't any actual shows that fit that profile released the year of 1990. I did however find 4 anime movies, that I at least knew of.
First off was a movie I haven't seen, but I read it's synopsis just the other day so I thought it would be a good fit. It's called A Wind Named Amnesia. The plot entails an event one day happening across the entire world that wiped away everyone's memory. I don't know much about it, but all the comments said it was a great premise but by the end of the movie it just fizzled into a dissapointment. lol, so I skipped over it. Cool that it came out my birth year and I had seen its synopsis just a few days ago.
The other three movies I found that came out in 1990 I had heard of were all Dragon Ball Z movies. Sadly I was hoping I could use the series itself but it aired in 1989 dammit all to hell! The movies are called Dragon Ball Z The Father Bardock, which came out October 17, 1990, then Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might which aired July 7, 1990, and then Dragon Ball Z The Worlds Strongest, which aired March 10, 1990. I haven't seen any of them, nor did I know about them before now. Looks like I'd like to watch them though, especially the one about Goku's dad, Bardock! You learn something knew when you do cool stuff like this lol!