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For this week's Would You Rather Wednesday, I has a question about senses:

Would you rather never be able to feel your loved one...

(when they hold your hand, kiss you, give you a hug, you feel nothing! - You've lost your ability to feel!)


never be able to see them?

Your sense of sight is fine, but your significant other will always be blurry. You can never see them clearly.

Which would you choose, losing sight or touch?

I would rather loose touch. I'm content as long as we're together.
@sophiamor rather lose touch
if I had a choice, I don't want to loose both...I know it's feel terrible and I am suffered. but if between death or life, I will choose loosing the touch rather than sight because I had a magical love at first sight once in my life and seeing him is enough even from far away. ok, I 'm in tears now, sorry
My eyesight is already really bad and I'm scared to death of going blind so take my sense of touch. While I wouldn't feel their touch I could see it which is fine by me as I don't like much physical contact anyway.
I would rather loose sight.
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