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First off, let me say that I have never personally tried any of Urban Decay's fixing sprays, as I don't use Urban Decay.
But recently someone asked me if I could help them do some research into the differences between these sprays....here's what I found!
(note that for these effects, you should follow the instructions on how to apply. for some of these its before & after makeup application!)

Urban Decay's "All Nighter" Setting Spray

This is the classic setting spray!
- soft, almost dewy finish
- helps face glow
- help foundation & blush last really well!
- light weight
- good for normal to slightly dry skin
- helps hold for longer, but isn't the "holy grail" everyone makes it out to be! aka it's not a disaster if you skip it in your normal routine!!
- doesn't do much for eye makeup in the long run if you didn't set it with primer, etc
- can make drier areas look even drier if you have dry skin

Urban Decay's "De-Slick" Setting Spray

This is meant for those who want to control oil.
- matte
- better than all nighter only if you have oilier complexion
- feels stickier / tackier than All nighter, so actually feels more like its doing something
- helps control oil well, especially in T-zone area!!
- if used in combo with a powder, can really help oily skin!
- on reviewer said: "It's about 90% All Nighter's lengthening ability and the de-oily strength was about 50% of milk of magnesia for me."
- not good on dry skin / dry areas, will exaggerate them
- doesn't work for everyone - everyone's oiliness is a bit different i guess :) I found more positives on oil control than negatives, though!
- doesn't hold as long as all-nighter
- doesn't mattify oily skin as much as other options like Milk of Magnesia

Urban Decay's "Chill" Setting Spray

This is meant to cool & hydrate your face to help your makeup last in warmer months & weather without smudging!
- hydrating!
- good for combination skin
- really does make your skin feel cooler!
- gives dewy & hydrated look, great for summer
- not good for oily skin!!

So, which would you chose?

I use NYX's matte finishing spray, which is sort of a dupe for All Nighter, but I have to apply it mid day if I want it to really last, as my chin & t zone still gets a little oily / smudgy!
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I made the mistake of using De-Slick on dry skin, definitely go with the Chill for me!