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So while you've been buying and using white in your tear ducts to brighten your eyes, (and all that...), turns out, you've been doing it wrong!

Oops!--Are you guilty?!

The real secret to fresh, wide open, youthful eyes isn't the disco, shimmery white products that you've been using. What you're supposed to use are skin tone shades, like Tarte's Inner Rim Liner (or any other brand that you love).
Find your skin tone in a pencil that's actually a shade or two lighter. This will give you the illusion of bright eyes, that everyone's after, instead of looking like you fell in a pot of white stuff with glitter.
Unless white stuff and glitter are your thing, you'll want to hop over to your favorite online makeup source and pick up a liner or two.
You're welcome! hehehe :)
This does make sense in a way. Getting the Tartes liner a few shades lighter than our skin tone would give us the fresh wide open youthful eyes. I imagine that other companies will jump on this too if it gets popular.
@marshalledgar I also visited with my friend that sells Younique makeup, and bought the brow pencil and gel... I really like it! 😀 I'll make a card on it next week, after my trip. You might consider the gel because it makes the hairs grow thicker.
Look at you @turtleyturtles 😀😊☺
I actually use a very transparent shimmery pink on my tear ducts. It's actually a brow highlighter that came with the brow fiber gel I bought a while back. I use it every day, and it really does make my eyes look brighter and takes some of the focus away from the dark circles under my eyes.
This sounds great! I have to try this.
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