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if you have been following the Marisol/loco chronicles of today you will know I have been dying at the hands of loco well guess what the hell he did!!!! I sent the final test to make sure all this just wasn't coincidences so I decided let me snapchat him..........yeah I'm dead not only did he open it he screenshot it and now has a pic of me on his phone ......what is life right now I'm legit about to cry happy tears yall!!!!
do you see this!!!!!!!!! I'm soo done with him yall!!!! I just sent him the goodnight snaps and he does this !!!!!! there is no coincidence no nothing this sh*t is insane and I'm soo happy right now!!!
The potato sounds like she found her soulmate. It's so crazy but I'm so happy for you. Don't down yourself to much though you're gorgeous.
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I'm too shy to even talk to them!
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😭 This relationship is so beautiful. I'm here for it.
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@Jiyongixoxo @KellyOConnor ITS SECRET POTATO JUJU
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