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Idols with animals!

here are some (a lot) of idols who have pets and well just share those pictures with their fans... WARNING! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! SERIOUSLY PETS AND KOREAN GUYS/GIRLS IN ONE PICTURE... ITS TOO MUCH! Ahem-- let's begin


Our leader playing with a stuffed animal! Our beautiful center, Kyu Jong, posted a picture of these animals... its so cute omg


-GDragon and his cat #currentmood Meanwhile our Bingu Top being... a ghost


-Seong Yeol and his dog Dong Woo and his dog omg too cute seriously!


Chanmi's adorable cat and Jimin's cute dog! These are too cute!


-Mr.K .. he ...I don't even know! These are the CUTEST cats ever!


-Oh Sehun! Omg BOTH HIM AND HIS DOG! What else could we ask for?!? Cuteness overload for a fact!
Here we have:

-Yesung from Super Junior -Eric Nam -Dok2Gonzo -Enik Lin~ everypawdy! -Jung So Min ~her dog Modu -Kim So Hyun

They all have super cute animals and well for Kim So Hyun the dog was only part of the photoshoot (I think...) anyways but it was still cute haha Those were just a few... ok ok more like a lot... of idols who have pets and have shared pictures of them on their social medias! Hope you enjoyed! (If I made a mistake somewhere please tell me!)
enik isn't actually a member of RP. he was a special guest for their 3.3 promotions.
@MandyMc ohhhhhh for real well thanks for letting me know 😉
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