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These beach inspired nails are:

A) adorable
B) not as hard to do as they look, I think!
I found this look on PrincessLexiii's instagram, but didn't see any instructions there so here's what I came up with as a potential way to get the look:
1) Paint a few of your nails a nice, soft blue
2) Cover half of each of your remaining nails in gold glitter to make the sand
3) Finish the nail with blue glitter to make the water
4) To make the wave, get a clear polish and "glob" it on on top of the nail. While it's still wet, get some white polish on a tooth pick or something and use that to "tint" the clear part and move the wave how you want to.
5) Let it dry!!!
6) Add a finishing coat if you want to :)
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These are very pretty.