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Well here we are again for the Nakama Campfire Challenge! Today's challenge is, What anime caught me off guard!? When I first saw this one anime popped in my mind before any other and that anime is Charlotte!!!
If you haven't seen this anime yet stop right here, go watch it, love it, laugh with it, then go cry yourself to sleep! If you have seen it, you already know what I'm talking about then!
When I first stared watching it, I thought it was going to be just a funny anime with some action and some friends with super powers helping other people with powers find themselves...
I couldn't have been more wrong! Don't get me wrong it still was pretty funny and had some action but I wasn't ready for the feels to hit me sooooo hard! The episode of his sisters death had me stuck in awe and tears for a whole week! And the following episode when he pretty much gave up on life only to have Nao there with him the whole time (without him knowing thanks to her power) she brought him back to life, so to say, now that's love and dedication for someone lover or friend! Then the death of pooh comes in and smacks you in the face!!
But what really caught me off guard and hit me extremely hard was the final episode! Traveling the world, taking powers and preventing a horrible future for the youth only to be labeled as the one eyed Reaper and losing his memory from having to many powers! From the scene of the last power he had to take, the power of courage from a little girl and then almost dying. To him waking up and looking at Nao and NOT remembering who she was, then telling her how the only thing that he kept that kept him going were the flash cards she made for him! Even though it was a happy ending I was still in tears!!
So's my card once again and once again thanks for checking it out. Till the next one! @hikaymm @InVinsybll