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-begin hectic screaming and rolling on the ground- Ahhh! Its this thursday! What am I going to do?!?!? Aomg has become my latest obsession but, sadly I wasn't able to snag tickets to see them (I really WANT to)..... I was thinking of doing a thing the whole day to be around Koreatown or places where they will most likely be at. You Gummyz realize if I do MANAGE to see them and talk to them they will be the FIRST Korean artists I meet!!! Oh but, I don't know what to do?!?! Should I risk it and try to find them at LAX? Or should I go to the nearest In n Out where they most likely will be at??? Or....walk around Koreatown???? Possibly do all three?!?! (Now I sound like a sasaeng..... ) I really would love to see them even though I wont be able to see them perform but you know....having them in front of me.....ahhh Wait!!! I don't have anything of them yet!!!! Curse me for being broke!!! -rolls in a corner- ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Sorry....I am just so excited!!!! I dont know what to do or what I am doing!
@Mightmuffin ahh I didn't get to see any of them sadly
ohh that's such s big issue!!! Aaahhh idk!!!
@ARMYStarlight YES! he has no idea how lucky he is. He knows who Jay Park is but doesn't really care for him much. I didn't believe it at first but he proved to me he has run into him quite a few times.
@jemitza oh really? Well I hope it will happen this time and your brothers friend is so lucky!!!!
Jay actually hangs out a lot in Koreatown. Idk if he'll do the same this time he's in LA though since everyone will be looking for him. My brother's friend has ran into him so many times just hanging out in Koreatown. Maybe he stays somewhere close by. Sadly I haven't been as lucky to run into him
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