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-begin hectic screaming and rolling on the ground- Ahhh! Its this thursday! What am I going to do?!?!? Aomg has become my latest obsession but, sadly I wasn't able to snag tickets to see them (I really WANT to)..... I was thinking of doing a thing the whole day to be around Koreatown or places where they will most likely be at. You Gummyz realize if I do MANAGE to see them and talk to them they will be the FIRST Korean artists I meet!!! Oh but, I don't know what to do?!?! Should I risk it and try to find them at LAX? Or should I go to the nearest In n Out where they most likely will be at??? Or....walk around Koreatown???? Possibly do all three?!?! (Now I sound like a sasaeng..... ) I really would love to see them even though I wont be able to see them perform but you know....having them in front of me.....ahhh Wait!!! I don't have anything of them yet!!!! Curse me for being broke!!! -rolls in a corner- ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Sorry....I am just so excited!!!! I dont know what to do or what I am doing!
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@jemitza oh really? Well I hope it will happen this time and your brothers friend is so lucky!!!!
@ARMYStarlight YES! he has no idea how lucky he is. He knows who Jay Park is but doesn't really care for him much. I didn't believe it at first but he proved to me he has run into him quite a few times.
ohh that's such s big issue!!! Aaahhh idk!!!
@Mightmuffin ahh I didn't get to see any of them sadly