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Feeling the peach vibe this time of year?
Take a look at these fabulous pictures that I've compiled--each with a peach color scheme--to get you in the mood for wedding season over a color that will always, always, always be in style. Trust me, peach isn't going anywhere! Where do you think coral came from? Peach.
Remember, not EVERYTHING has to be peach (or the color of your choosing). Mix it up with woods, metals and organic finishes to break it up and to elevate the style.
Hand water colored invites (and paper goods) are perfect for pastels such as peach.
Your dress may be white, but your shoes...let them be in color! Kate Spades, like these, are fashionable for your wedding day and all the days after.
Peach cakes come alive when they're mixed with other finishes such as copper metal and other vibrant colors like fuchsia and pink.
Hope you were really inspired by this. Take a look at more fabulous ideas here.