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MARKSON!!! WAIT.......
you guys this really hurts me I don't know why ...but it honesty does. I mean I love mark and Jackson and I love markson !! but why is this happening !" I mean I would never leave my best friend I would have loved to room with them. I wonder if something happened between them !!.............someone please tell me .... I thought it was MARKSON OR NEVER does this mean no more markson ??
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no one never said that they weren't friends anymore. I'm just saying there won't be that much markson anymore
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@Maribelita Oh kinda sad but hey they aren't moving to different countries so it'd all good. markson forever!
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MARKSON IS FOREVER! No matter where they sleep or who they roommate with.. that's somethig that can't be changed just because they sleep in separate rooms. . plus don't you see MARKSON everywhere?? I mean I was just stunned with those pictures coming out of the Music Bank that they were holding hands that was last week? and the fan meet they like allover eachother as usual..their friendship will last forever. .
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I saw a video of BTOB and they switch every 6 months. One of the other groups does too. It keeps arguments done and gets all of them comfortable with one another.
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