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When you have no one to stop you as The thought of your failure runs through your head . Parents not happy  , neither are you .. they tell you that they're not proud of what you've become and that your further actions will bring shame. So you decide to kill yourself.  You poison your body as you walk into that office ... you don't bear to tell what you've done.   Until she charms you with the right words to get you to spill it out . You have not succeed and rushed to the E.R ..  the first thing they say is " I was supposed to be at a party later tonight,  now I have to stay with you " you feel miserable to be taking someone away from something they'd rather be doing than being with you next to a hospital bed ..days pass , you feel much better. . You feel you can give this another try.  You want to be happy with yourself. You are much more positive.  Then .... it hits again.. they tell you how worthless you are ... and you're asking me why I couldn't tell anyone how I felt ? You left my side when I needed you the most .. I have no friends no family and everything I do is wrong.. only if I succeed at my death will they be happy ..oh you don't know how much this sucks.