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Today's question for Nakama Campfire is a fun one: "Why Vingle Anime? What is your Vingle Anime story??"

Well, because you guys are great!!!

I first used Vingle for books, coffee....random pictures and writing. There weren't a ton of people around, and at that time I wasn't super into anime, but when a lot of anime posts started showing up on my feed, I decided to get involved & start watching some shows again...and honestly it's thanks to this community that I'm back as much into anime now as I am!!!!

Our Nakama is Great!

I love that people are always giving good recs, leaving funny posts, being nice to each other, and making friendships about shows we love together! I don't have to deal with stupid fan wars or fighting here, but have a great time here instead. So that's why I'm here!!!!

Love you guys XD

Right back at you as an older aldult (witch according to my wife is debatable) I had not one person except my kids to talk to about Anime and manga and some are a bit to much for them and in my circle none of them into it so this sight was a gift and again i say thanks for making me feel like there's nothing wrong with me or the thing I like I truly feel safe and at home here
I concur with the comments above.!!
^^what @NikolasSatterwh said
Hey we appreciate and love you too with all your amazing posts and friendly attitude :3
I love you too @hikaymm lol