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The last question for Nakama Campfire is here :( :( NOOOO!! I had so much fun making these cards every day, I don't want them to end!!!! But alas, they have to :(
Anyways, this the question: What do you hope to see happen in our community going forward?

More Analysis Cards

I love all the memes and photo posts we have, but I really enjoy reading a good analysis card like the ones @VoidX writes ^-^ I'd love to see more and more of them as time goes on. If you make any like this, tag me!!!! :D

People Staying Nice!!!

One of my favorite things in our community is just how nice people are. I don't see a lot of fights, and I hope that as we get more members who like different things that doesn't change & we still have people around being really kind to each other :) Let's keep things nice, okay?



I just hope our Nakama keeps growing and growing and growing! I'm having so much fun, that the more people there are, the more fun I think I'll have!! :D

Let's keep running together, Nakama!

(I'm Natsu here :P)
whoo! I second all that!
Keep the fun times rolling! 😄
The "its just because im giving you food" gif what anime is that from? I'm sorry to be that person but ive been trying to figure that out for forever lol