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Since I found I had quite a bit of sanity remaining, I decided to undertake this challenge and just get rid of all of it in one fell swoop. This was gut wrenching game was created by @SarangRavi. I was tagged by my girl, @ElleHolley. It took me like a week to mentally prepare for myself for this. Even now I don't know if I'm strong enough... Screw it!
Here's the breakdown: Step 1. Make a list of your Top 5 Biases (They Must be in Order) Ultimate Bias First. Step 2. Answer the Following Questions.


Q1. How did he/she make it into your top 5? Q2. What is your favorite thing about his/her personality? Q3. What is your favorite thing about his/her physical appearance? Q4. Was it love at first sight? Q5. What was your first impression of him/her?

Lee Sungyeol

- The UB -

1) Ever since I fell down the rabbit hole that is Kpop, this boy had captured my heart. From the beginning, there was Sungyeol. He had me at "annyeong." 2) My favorite thing is that he is unashamedly himself. Sungyeol is blunt as can be. Whatever is on his mind he will just blurt it out. At the Infinite Effect concert I went to back in January, the translator was literally worse than Google Translate. Towards the end of the show, you could tell everyone was getting tired of her crap and as she babbled on, Sungyeol was like, "What is she talking about?" he looked around with his hands up, forgetting his mic was still on. That's Sungyeol for ya. 3) To choose one favorite thing about him? I guess it would be his full lips. They look so soft and so kissable. 4) According to a friend when we watched High School Love On, the moment he appeared on the screen, I stopped breathing. She nudged me and was like, "So I take it you've found your Korean soul mate." 5) My first impression of Sungyeol was, who is this this breathtakingly beautiful being? Like seriously?

Huang ZiTao

1) This boo destroyed my list before I knew what happened. He distracted me with his awkward smiles then BOOM! Honestly Tao is this close to stealing the throne from Sungyeol. He ain't satisfied with second place. 2) My favorite thing is his dedication, his hot temper. I admire his strength, his passion. His attitude is so great, thanking the haters for paying attention. Hell yeah. 3) His lips. I think I might have a thing for lips. I love how one corner of his lips curl up before a smile breaks out across his face. I love his eyes, the dark panda circles, how they turn into crescents when he smiles. 4) Honestly watching EXO for the first couple times was overwhelming, too many cute boys in one setting. 5) My thoughts were, ohhh where has this sexy kung fu master been all my life?


1) Oh this boo. He's a big sexy, goofy dork. When he's on stage, he owns it. He has that deep voice that makes the panties drop. 2) I love how loud and silly he is. He is himself and no one else. We're kindred spirits. He is a fashionista who changes his clothes at least 5 times a day. I have to bring extra clothes in my car so I can change whenever I feel like it. P.O. knows the struggle. 3) Does his voice count? It's so deep and rich, I could listen to him talk for hours. 4) You know what? I think it could have been. The first time I saw him with that hot pink hair (and eyebrows) in "Her", I was enchanted. 5) My thoughts were, how is this guy able to own highlighter hot pink hair??

Kim Taehyung - V

1) Honestly it was really hard to choose a BTS bias. It was a tie between Taehyung and Jungkook and today Tae Tae won. 2) He is unique, he loves animals. He has the heart of a romantic. Not to mention he can go from cute as a button to knock-your-panties-off hot in two seconds flat. 3) His lips. That box smile is so precious. And when he chews on his bottom lip, I die. Let's not forget that tongue that never stays where it's supposed to... 4) No. I mean he was cute but it wasn't until War of Hormone that I was like, DAMN! 5) My thoughts were, is that the kid from Case Closed?

Park Chanyeol

I hate to do this because he has such a big head already but I guess he's the bias... 1) I'm still asking myself how he worked his way up my list and into my heart. His dorkyness captured my heart before I knew what hit me. 2) His sense of humor. He's so fun. When he's laughing, you know it's genuine. He's pretty sarcastic too. He's dorky, clumsy, and sweet. 3) His eyes. He has beautiful eyes. They light up when he genuinely smiles. His deep voice that can send shivers down the spine. His excited waddle. I would die if he waddled up to me. 4) I don't think so. 5) Well when I saw him in EXO Next Door, I did think he was really cute and just my style.
Whew! That took forever. I'm pretty sure I got super carried away. Oh well.
oh my lord..... that Jimin gif....💧💧💧💧
I can relate with Tao trying to be #1 on my bias list.
good list
Great list. I Love P.O too. 😍 thank you for playing! 🤗
you finally did it!!! yay!! nice choices. and you didn't die lol